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Take off your rose colored glasses, you don’t need them anymore! You can color your world rose….or blue, or purple, or yellow, or orange, or white, or any combination of these colors now with the Philips Hue lighting. It is freaking cool!

As part of the Best Buy Blogger Network they sent me a couple of the Philips Hue products. I already knew about them and had seen in-store demos of them, but it is just not the same as having them in your own home. Hubby and I set them up and our minds were blown! I received the Philips – Hue A19 Set Then I had some Best Buy gift cards so we went and bought more. We now have 3 Philips Hue items in both our bedroom and the man cave and they are so cool. Eventually, we hope to have them throughout the entire house.

Philips Hue from Best Buy - what I used to get started

It is not just the fact that you can change the colors in your room, but you can set scenes and moods and save them. Then just use your smartphone or tablet and tap what you want and presto….the lights all change to match! You can use the official Philips Hue app or there are several other apps people have developed which really do even more. You can even set it up with IFTTT so when you come home the lights automatically come on for you – this is perfect for Hubby who suffers from SAD (season affective disorder) during the winter months so it is nice and bright when he gets home from work. Geofencing is cool.

Easily change the mood of your room with Philips Hue lighting from Best Buy

The regular bulbs work in your regular lamps. I have one in each of the lamps on our nightstands in our bedroom. Plus we added a Philips Hue Bloom light in the bedroom as well. I have an alarm to come on in the morning when Hubby wakes up for work so it is a bit easier for him. Plus, I have it set to also turn all the lights back off when he leaves since I generally sleep in a bit later.

The Philips Hue starter kit is where to begin - you can purchase it at Best Buy

The Philips Hue Go light we have in the man cave. Hubby loves setting up all the different schemes to match his mood in there whether he is working or playing music. We can also take the Go outside (it’s cordless) on the patio at night when we are enjoying the nice weather and want some cool ambient lighting.

I’m sure once the grandbabies arrive (my son is expecting twins this spring) that I will set up some calming lighting scenes to use when I watch the babies and it is time for them to take a nap or go to sleep if I am babysitting overnight. Am I going to be the coolest grandma or what?

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What kind of mood do you wish you could set in any room of your house? What area of your home do you think you would enjoy the Philips Hue the most?