With Halloween happening very soon I thought for this week’s cocktail post I would instead do a little roundup of some of my past Halloween drinks and pull in a few others from fellow bloggers.


Smashed Pumpkin Pie Cocktail

This is one of my favorites because I would rather drink the pumpkins on Halloween if I can.


Zombie Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a drink you can set fire to? Ann’s Entitled Life offers up this cocktail full of lots of rum. After a few of these you might really feel like a zombie!


Coffee Martini with Melted Candy Corn

This was something unique – Feather Pixels warms up some candy corns to melt them just a bit and rim the martini glass with and then pours the mixture of espresso, some caramel syrup and vodka!


Green Slime Punch (no alcohol)

Simplee Thrifty has a great Halloween punch recipe with no alcohol. I wanted to make sure to include something like this because I know not all of you imbibe. Three easy ingredients for a great ghouly drink.


Paranormal Activity Cocktail

Another one of my favorites because it looks so creepy and tastes so delicious!

Did you find a drink you might serve this Halloween? Which is your favorite?