The new IKEA store is now open in St. Louis

Yesterday I finally got to visit the IKEA store that just opened here in St. Louis. I had never been to an IKEA before but have browsed their online site often. Hubby even went with me, although he was reluctant because it is in St. Louis city, but I convinced him and he was happy in the end that he went. This store is HUGE! I mean really, really gigantic! Be prepared to spend some time there wandering around.

Småland kids play area in IKEA St. Louis

As we went up the escalator to the main area I noticed a kids’ area called Småland. Kids can hang out here play in the supervised area while you shop. Cool feature!

Hej! is how to say hello in Swedish

At the top of the escalator we were greeted with a little lesson in Swedish language. Apparently Hej! is how they say hello.

Restaurant inside IKEA St. LouisRestaurant menu at IKEA St. Louis
There are a few places to actual eat inside of IKEA even. Plenty of room to sit down and relax. If you are an IKEA Family Member, that’s the name of their customer rewards program, you can get free tea and coffee here as well.

I have heard for years about the IKEA meatballs and we were planning on trying them but by the time we were done shopping this area was pretty crowded so we opted to skip this today. Maybe on the next visit.

Not shown on this menu, but very noticeable when you are checking out, is the wafting scent of warm cinnamon rolls. That was tempting and they are only $1, but again it was packed so we skipped this today as well.

IKEA St. Louis

There are big direction signs hanging around throughout the store. The store is so large though that it looked like a subway train map more than a store directory. We just kind of went with the flow of people and wandered throughout the entire place.

IKEA St. Louis

Upstairs they have lots of little rooms set up with tags on everything so you know exactly what pieces you needed to buy to get that same setup. I loved that even inside the drawers and closets in these vignettes they had products you could buy. It really helps seeing things in a more livable way than just in rows. Of course, they do have larger areas (like above) with plenty of things to look at as well.

IKEA St. Louis  IKEA St. Louis
When you find something you are interested in buying just make note of where it is located for when you head downstairs. The little red tags under the price tells you what aisle and bin it will be located and the actual item number. They do have little pencils and paper that you can write things down on but I just snapped photos with my phone. The tag is for a chair Hubby got for his man cave. On the right is a little hanging plant holder that I got to plant some herbs in to hang in the kitchen so I can have fresh herbs all year long. Now to just make sure the cats don’t try to jump in it when I put it up.

Baby area at IKEA St. Louis

20151024_111708 (Copy)20151024_111557 (Copy)
I couldn’t resist browsing around the baby area. Tons of cute stuff including cribs, changing tablets, bedding, toys, and much more. There are a few things I will probably be returning to buy before the twin grandbabies arrive in the spring. Once they are a little older I must get these adorable little chairs for them too!

IKEA St. Louis

Downstairs they have all the aisles set up and clearly marked where you can pull the items you want. We had no trouble finding the chair and small table that Hubby picked out. Then you head to the checkout area.

A heads up that they do not have bags for you – they do sell big ones, reusable, for 99¢ each. We bought two of them for our purchases and will keep them in Hubby’s truck for future visits to IKEA and other stores, like Sam’s Club, that don’t have bags either. The one part I was disappointed in was that the cashier started to bag some of our items and then she just quit halfway through and after I paid she started ringing up the next person without finishing up with us. Very odd.

Cool carts and escalator at IKEA St. Louis

When you leave you have to go back down. They do have elevators but the main way is on this flat escalator. Hubby was very impressed that with the small carts, when you get on the escalator that the wheels kind of lock into place with the grooves. This way as you are headed down your cart won’t roll away from you and into the people in front of you. Very clever!

I think IKEA is a fun store to experience and they do have some good deals and interesting products. Some of the items were a little on the cheaply made side, but others much better. It is nice to get your hands on things so you can tell the quality before deciding to purchase. I will definitely be going back in the future to purchase more things I’m sure.

Have you been to the new IKEA store in St. Louis or to any other IKEA? Any favorite products they have that we all should check out?



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