Robyn's New Teeth Are In

My new teeth are “installed” finally. I just had the final oral surgery Monday morning to remove the rest of my own original teeth and 2 old bridges and they immediately put in the full upper and lower dentures. These are not implants, just regular dentures. I mention that again because it is one of the most common questions I get. All of this work cost about $9,800 which is a lot of money for me, had I opted to go for full individual implants for all my teeth it would have been $30,000-$40,000. That is waaaaaay out of my price range. Now the picture above shows the teeth in but my cheeks and lips are still very swollen – you all know I’m not that puffy usually!

robyn ready for oral sugery

Ready for surgery Monday morning.

old teeth 10.26.2015

This was the last of my old teeth and old bridges yesterday morning before the final surgery.

But back to my new teeth and my new smile. It is very odd to look in the mirror and see all of these pretty teeth in my mouth. After not having this ever really in my entire adult life it is just shocking.

Yes, I’m in some pain, but nothing unmanageable. Today is worse than yesterday, but that is normal. I had to go to the dentist today where he took out the dentures for the first time and boy does that feel odd. I go back again tomorrow for more adjustments. This will be a regular thing as I am healing and to get the right fit.

I did a short periscope video yesterday and today about how it all feels. I’m going to try and do this once a day for a few weeks so that other people who are considering getting dentures will be able to see and hear how things progress for another person. I’ve read a lot of stories online, but I like video better myself.

Day 1 With My Dentures

Day 2 With My Dentures
Thanks again to all of you who have been so supportive of me on this journey. If you want to keep with the daily videos you can watch for them on Periscope or I also have channel where they stay longer. I’m sure I will do another blog post or two over the next few months as well.

Do you have any questions about the process that I might be able to answer? Any tips on having dentures that you would like to share with me?