What's New on Twitter |  Robyns.World

Twitter has been changing and evolving and I thought I would share with you some of the recent changes. Don’t worry, the base of Twitter has remained the same, these are just a few tweaks and some extra features they have added.

  • Favorites Are Now Likes and a Heart Instead of Star
    These may seem like a small detail, but there has been a lot of conversation about it on Twitter. When you favorite a tweet now instead of it being a star it is a heart. They are also calling it a like now instead of a favorite – but it is in essence the same thing. Some don’t care at all, others have a preference. Take my poll to voice your opinion.

  • Twitter Polls
    As you can see from above you can now also create poll questions Twitter. You can create a poll as an option when you send a tweet. Each poll can have 2 choices for others to answer with. The polls remain active for 24 hours. You can vote in any poll and how you vote is not shown publicly.

  • Twitter Moments
    This new feature can be accessed by tapping the lightning bolt icon at the top of Twitter. These items are from all around Twitter, not just people you follow. By clicking on a moment it will take you deeper into that particular story with more tweets that tie into it. Learn more about Twitter Moments
  • Longer Direct Messages
    The 140 character limit for direct messages has been removed. You can carry on much longer conversations now in DMs. The 140 limit still applies, for now, to the regular tweets.

  • Twitter Safety Center
    Twitter has improved their Safety Center to help you be safer and be more in control of your Twitter experience. There are tools you can use to help with bothersome people, bullying, and spam. They have also made the boundaries clearer and are more responsive to problems.
  • Twitter Curator
    This new tool allows you to create projects, streams, and collections of tweets and videos from Vine. This tool is actually something more for media publishers, but individuals can use it as well. Curator requires a little reading on how to get it set up to use, but it is a very cool tool.
  • Twitter Account Management
    This is not new, but I wanted to include it here in case it has been a while since you took a look at your own settings. Things have changed a little over the years, but this Twitter help section will walk you through what you need to know. Go ahead and give your account a checkup.

Were any of these items new to you? Which do you like the most? Which do you dislike the most? What changes would you like to see Twitter make in the future?