Captain Morgan Crannon Blast Cocktail

Have you noticed those cannon ball looking bottles at the store recently? They are Captain Morgan Cannon Blast. I kept seeing it and was intrigued so I bought a bottle last week. Delicious! It tastes citrusy at first but then kind of finishes with a mild cinnamon flavor. If you are drinking it just as a shot, I prefer it cold. Taking a look at the Captain Morgan website I found this recipe for the Crannon Blast which would be perfect on Thanksgiving I think with the addition of the cranberry juice! Recipe and photo from Captain Morgan.

Do you think you would try this on Thanksgiving or any other day?



Crannon Blast Cocktail

Serves 1
Website Captain Morgan


  • 1oz Captain Morgan Cannon Blast
  • 1/2oz cranberry juice


Combine ingredients in shaker with ice. Shake and strain into shot glass. Enjoy!