Hubby Reviews

The folks at recently asked if I was interested in reviewing their online courses (disclosure – I was provided free service to facilitate this review). While I am not a musician, Hubby is! He loves to play guitar and to sing. So he has been trying out for a couple of weeks for me and is sharing his experiences here today. This service is perfect for kids, teens, and even adult education. It is also a great resource for those who homeschool. Hubby has been setting up his man cave over the last several weeks as well and as you can see he has an entire area devoted to his music!

I should add that Hubby has been playing guitar since he was a very young boy. His father played as well and so he was just brought up with it. Hubby is not a beginning when it comes to playing guitar and still is finding great value in these courses.

  • Feels Like 1 on 1 Experience Class
    Even though he is not interacting directly with the teachers during the video lessons, he said it still gives the feel of a 1 on 1 class experience. Music Theory Course

  • Free Quizzes
    Hubby loves the free quizzes that are included for members. These help him to get the information from the lessons to sync in.
  • Music Theory
    Not only do they teach you how to play or sing, but there are music theory classes available as well. These teach you the “why” of how things work.
  • Singing Lessons
    This is what really interested me in when they approached me. Hubby does sing around the house, but he would really like to sing out in front of an audience at a club like his father did. These lessons include how to take care of your voice, voices exercises, and much more.
  • Professional Instructors
    All of the instructors seem thoroughly knowledgeable, explain things in simple terms so everyone can understand, and seem to really care about helping you learn. Hubby’s two favorites are JJ Boogie for guitar lessons and Alfie Magliano for music theory. JJ Boogie Guitar Instructor

  • Variety of Lessons
    While Hubby has been primarily using the singing and guitar lessons, there are also lessons for bass, piano, drums, and more.
  • Search Feature
    Hubby loves being able to search by song, instrument, skill level, and/or genre.
  • Free Resources
    They also offer some various free resources such as chord books, sheet music, and tablature. Free Resources for Members

Hubby plans on continuing as a paid member to because he is enjoying it so much and learning quite a bit. They have a 14-day free trial offer and then 3 different membership levels to select from. I think this would also make a great gift to someone this holiday season, especially if they are getting an instrument as a holiday gift! Another great use for these courses would be for homeschoolers. Membership Options

Do you play a musical instrument or sing? Have you ever considered taking online music classes like this? Why or why not?