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Recently I became a Netgear Ambassador. The first product they sent me to try out was the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera. Disclosure: I received the product for free to use and be able to share my own experiences with you, opinions are my own. I was excited to try this out because Hubby and I had been talking about getting a camera system to use outside for sometime and Arlo’s cameras can go inside or outside!


Arlo Smart Home Security Cameras Are Small and Lightweight

To be honest, I was thinking this was going to take a while to get setup and installed and I put it off for a couple of weeks. Finally yesterday I grabbed Hubby and said let’s tackle this project. We were both amazed at how quickly and easily we got Arlo setup and installed. It was only about 30 minutes to get everything unpacked, setup, connected, installed, and adjusted!


Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Base Station and Netgear Router

The base system connects to your home router. The white box hear is the Arlo base and the black box is my Netgear router that I already had. You do not have to have a Netgear router for this to work, that is just what I happened to have. By the way, the only 2 wires in the whole system are for the base – one cable to plug into the router and one power cable. The cameras themselves are totally wireless!

Plug into the router, plug in the power, sync the cameras and you are ready to go! Then we just had to decide where to put the two cameras that came with our kit.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera mounted outside on shutter


The first we put by the door aiming to the left. From this location we can see our entire driveway as well as the door area so we can see anyone coming up to the door even.

The mounts come with the Arlo kit and they were super easy for Hubby to install. If he had not been here I probably could have installed them myself even. The camera attaches to the mount with a strong magnet making them easy to move and adjust on the mount or even move to a different location.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera mounted on porch


The second camera we attached to the porch near the door pointing out to the right to see the other half of our yard. This one we positioned lower because our patio is near here and our umbrella is usually up. This way we can still see the yard and patio area and I can even see my dog, Annie, when she is out in the yard. We can also keep an eye on our crazy neighbor who causes us a lot of issues. Ugh.

While we have these two cameras setup outside right now, we can easily take them down and move them inside or somewhere else outside whenever we need to. When the grandbabies are born I will be able to take one of the cameras down and place them in a room with them inside the house and use it as a baby monitor. How cool is that? Of course, I probably will add more cameras so I won’t have to move them around, but it is nice to have the option to move them if I want.

You can monitor the cameras on your phone (iOS and Android) or on your computer. Setting up the account was super easy too – I was including that in the total 30 minute for setup. There are plenty of options available to get Arlo to do just what you need it to do. You can set up rules to manage your motion detection, recordings and alerts. This part we are still fiddling with as we adjust the sensitivity and determine our personal needs.

Arlo setting options


There are subscription options available, one of which is totally free. This includes 7 days of cloud recording, support of up to 5 cameras and 1 base station and standard support. The other options are not free, but if you need support for more cameras and more cloud recording storage then you can upgrade. For now, I opted for the basic free subscription.

Arlo subscription options


I really am very impressed so far with the Arlo Smart Home Security System. This is something I will be recommending to others who want a home monitoring system also.

  • Super quick and easy setup
  • Wireless cameras
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Monitor via app or computer
  • Easily move the cameras
  • Everything, including mounting needs, included in kit
  • Can add on multiple cameras
  • Really wide view cameras
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Ability to customize rules and alerts

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera by Netgear


I’m sure the longer I use Arlo the more I am going to like it. They also have a huge community portal to get help, tips, and tricks from other users. You can find out more about Arlo on their site, like Arlo on Facebook, follow @ArloSmartHome on Twitter, and view more videos about Arlo on their YouTube channel.

The Arlo system is great for monitoring your home, checking on the kids when they get home from school, keeping an eye on elderly family members, using it as a baby monitor, and so many other uses. This would be great to add to our lake house as well so we can keep an eye on it when no one is there. I just keep thinking of more ideas for it to view the cameras live or get the still pictures or recorded video from it.

Do you have a home security system? Would you consider Arlo? How would you use Arlo in your home?




Robyn is a NETGEAR Ambassador