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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching so today I’m sharing some of the tools that I utilize on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone from Verizon. Disclosure: I have received my phone as part of the Verizon #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger Group; opinions are my own. It is amazing how much I can accomplish with this phone!

  • Pinterest
    I find so many ideas for recipes and Thanksgiving crafts, décor, and activities on Pinterest. It is amazing how many creative ideas are put up on Pinterest every single day. I have a Thanksgiving Pinterest board myself if you need a place to start.
  • Skype
    While I will be with much of my family on Thanksgiving, there are some members that will not be here at my home. I plan on using the Skype app to do video calls with them to stay connected and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Verizon NFL
    So you know that I’m not really a big sports watcher, but I do have the Verizon NFL Mobile app on my phone and so if my dad or anyone else wants a quick update on a game I can open up the app and get him the latest scores and even watch some of the games.
  • OneNote
    Since I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my home this year I have been making all of my plans in OneNote. I can access this from my desktop, laptop, tablet, or my phone easily. This has been great for keeping my shopping list at my fingertips, the guest list, and other ideas I have for the day.
    onenote thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving Help Hotlines
    Just in case I have any cooking or food problems I have some of the Thanksgiving food and cooking help hotlines ready to dial.

    • Butterball Turkey Talk-Line 800-288-8372
    • Sara Lee Pie Hotline: 888-914-1247
    • USDA Meat & Poultry Hotline: 888-674-6854
    • Honeysuckle White Turkey Line: 800-810-6325
  • Instagram
    You all know that I love sharing pictures on Instagram and Thanksgiving will be no different! I will be sharing pics of the food and the family on that day. Maybe my son, who seems to be a bit camera shy these days, will even let me post one of him.
  • Food Network Thanksgiving Videos
    Watching Food Network is always a favorite with me on TV, but they also have tons of great Thanksgiving videos online. For Thanksgiving they have an entire series of videos that can help me with any cooking conundrums I may have.
  • Taste of Home Magazine
    As you know I do enjoy cooking and one of the magazines I always find useful recipes in is Taste of Home. They have an online version in the Google Play store that is worth the subscription price for the year or even if you just want to buy the special Thanksgiving edition.
  • Verizon Messages+
    The Verizon Messages+ app is a free upgrade from the standard messaging app on your phone. I have been using this for a long time now and can’t live without it. While it does the basic messaging functions, I can also customize screens, send photos, video, gifts, and so much more. Plus it syncs with the desktop app even so I have all of my messages on all of my devices. I’m sure I will use this on Thanksgiving day to remind my guests of what time to arrive, I can preschedule messages even, plus send those emergencies texts to people like Mom to please stop and bring something I’ve forgotten for the day.

What apps or sites do you use on your smartphone or tablet to help with Thanksgiving? I would also love to hear any fun Thanksgiving games that you enjoy.




Robyn is a #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger for Verizon