Robyn's Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

This year I am cooking for my family on Thanksgiving. This brings me great joy actually. I thought I would share what I am serving at my home on Thanksgiving in case you needed some inspiration. Part of the menu is from scratch, part from pre-packaged foods – I like to keep things easy when I can but still add my own special touches to everything on the table.

Roast Turkey
Obviously, we have to have turkey on Thanksgiving. This year I will be doing a more classic turkey and roasting it in the oven with lots of butter and sage.  I found this Roast Turkey and Gravy with Onions and Sage recipe from Ina Garten which is what I will loosely follow.

Photo Source: Food Network

Honeybaked Ham
My mom does not do turkey – she had a bad experience several years ago. So she is providing a Honeybaked Ham as an additional part of our meal. These are already perfect so no additional prepping on my end for this item.

honeybaked ham

Homemade Orange-Cranberry Sauce
Never have I enjoyed canned cranberry sauce. Many years ago I started making my own and I have tried several different recipes over the years. Hubby requested my Easy Orange-Cranberry Sauce this year so that’s what I will be making. It is so amazing warm with Thanksgiving dinner and it makes the entire house smell amazing when you are cooking it!


Green Bean Casserole
To be honest, this is not one of my favorite items. However, Hubby and Caitlan (son’s girlfriend) love this and both requested it. I will be using the Campbell’s Classic Green Bean Casserole recipe for it.


Creamed Corn
OMG I so love creamed corn. Now this is not the canned creamed corn but instead the homemade version which is the best creamed corn ever! And hey, who doesn’t love corn? I found this recipe for Southern Style Creamed Corn from Buns In My Oven not too long ago and it is the most amazing corn I have ever had! I thought my grandma’s creamed corn was the best until I had this and it just blew my mind!


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries and Walnuts
This is my new recipe for this year’s Thanksgiving. I always like to have at least one thing new. My in-laws and my dad both love Brussels sprouts so hopefully this will be a big hit with them. Normally I roast Brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar, but I’m changing things up for Thanksgiving. Buy the Brussels sprouts on the stalk if you can find it that way, they are much fresher. Take them off and cut into halves (or quarters) and spread them on a sheet pan and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper and sprinkle in the dried cranberries. Roast for about 30-40 minutes, stirring at least once. Then add the walnuts and cook another 3-4 minutes. If you want it a bit sweeter you can use a tablespoon of good maple syrup after they are done cooking to toss them in as well.

Cranberry Orange Muffins
This is T’s requested item every year. When he was younger he actually made them himself. Now that he has moved out I guess I will have to make them for him. Since I’m not a great baker I rely on boxed mixes – our favorite is Krusteaz Fat Free Cranberry Orange Muffin Mix.


Hmmm, I’m still not sure what kind of potatoes I’m going to make this year. Hubby would prefer mashed, but I’m leaning towards twice baked potatoes. Of course, I could change my mind entirely before next week. Any suggestions on potatoes?

Stove Top Stuffing
I know so many people have amazing stuffing recipes of all kinds but honestly I just love Stove Top stuffing. On Thanksgiving I always use the sage variety. A bonus is that it is so extremely easy to make and it turns out perfectly every single time. This is also one of my very favorite leftover items.

stove top stuffing

Fresh Baked Cloverleaf Rolls
Do you all know about Rhodes frozen dough? It is the best stuff and never fails me. Again, I’m not a great “from scratch” baker so I love using premade items for this area. I use the Rhodes dinner rolls and make them into Cloverleaf Rolls and everyone always loves them!

My mother-in-law always brings dessert. She makes mincemeat pie for Hubby and my father-in-law and generally pumpkin pie for the rest of us. Whatever she brings is always amazing though!

mincemeat pie

Cranberry Margaritas
Hey, it’s a lot of family, a lot of stress. Robyn needs a cocktail too! I’m making these Cranberry Margaritas from Gimme Some Oven on Thanksgiving too!


What are you having for Thanksgiving dinner this year? Do you have any special recipes you would like to share (feel free to add links in comments)? What Thanksgiving food are you most looking forward to eating this year?