How to Truly Enjoy the Holidays | Robyns.World

It is nearly impossible to escape the holiday season, it surrounds us everywhere. For some of us it can become extremely overwhelming. It is possible though to really enjoy the holidays. We all have to understand certain realities though and work hard to not get too stressed out during this time of the year. Here are eight things to remember so that you can really enjoy the holidays this year.

  • You Don’t Have to Do It All
    Many of us, especially women, really struggle with this. We have expectations of making the perfect holiday season for our family. Relax. You do not have to do it all. The things that you do plan will be better if you aren’t overly stressed about 1000 other things.
  • Ask the Family What They Like
    In our minds we create a list of holiday activities that we think everyone will love. Chances are though that not everyone in the family likes all of those things. At the beginning of the holiday season take time to ask everyone, kids and adults, what activities they like best about the holiday season. Make sure you pick at least one thing from everyone’s list and go ahead and cross out those things you had on your list that they don’t mention. The exception, of course, being those one or two things you really love, they stay on the list too.
  • Plan Down Time
    Every night during the holiday season does not have to have something special planned. Include down time with nothing special at all during the holidays. This gives everyone a chance to just hang out and relax.
  • It Is Okay To Say No
    If you get multiple invitations to holiday events it is okay to say no to some of them. We all appreciate being invited, but there is only so much time. Pick those that you think you (and the family) will really enjoy the most.
  • Holidays Are Not Just For Kids
    I hear this so often every year, that holidays are just for the kids. That is not true! As adults we have holiday memories from our own childhood and we want to relive those memories and capture that magic as adults. Embrace your inner child and enjoy the holidays just as much as the kids do.
  • A Budget Means Less Stress
    Let’s face it, our society spends a lot of money during the holiday season. However, money issues cause a ton of stress. Set a budget, not just for gifts, but for activities, decorations, clothing, food, and anything holiday related and stick to it. You will worry less about money during the holidays and certainly after the holidays when the bills start rolling in.
  • Embrace Your Sadness
    As much as we all want the holidays to be picture perfect, happy, and jolly, the fact is that for most of us they are not that all the time. Holidays bring up lots of memories, both happy and sad. Embrace the sadness you feel as well and allow yourself to have it. This doesn’t mean to wallow in it, but don’t ignore it and try to cover it up.
  • Live in the Present
    Already I have mentioned holiday memories a lot, but don’t spend all of your time in the past. Remember past holidays fondly, but don’t get stuck in them. Enjoy the present! Make new memories of the joy you are feeling this year.

What tips do you have to share with others to truly enjoy the holiday season?