Gifting a PC - Getting it ready to run before you wrap it | Robyns.World


One of the best gifts, in my opinion, is a new computer. However, for many the setup of a new computer is frustrating, especially on Christmas morning, because the recipient just wants to get on it and play. Over the years Santa has brought computers for my son and Hubby and luckily I’m the little elf who gets a hold of it before it even gets wrapped so the computer is ready to go as soon as they unwrap it. I thought I would share some of the simple steps you can take if gifting a PC to do the same.

  • Open the Box
    …but remember how it was packaged. I set up the PC in my office, away from prying eyes, and plug it all in. If there are stickers on it, leave them on, some people like to take them off themselves.
  • Get Connected
    I’m assuming this gift PC will be used in your home so set up the internet connection. This way it is ready when they open up plus you will need it for the other steps below.
  • Update, Update, Update
    This is the part that is frustrating for the recipient since they just want to play. So, take the time and go and get all the Microsoft updates and other software and hardware updates the PC needs. Download them and install them.
  • Register the PC
    Since you are giving this to someone close to you, you should have all the information you need to register the computer for them.
  • Create Accounts
    If the computer will be shared, create accounts for each person who will use it. This way everyone will be ready to go. If you are gifting this to your child (or children) be sure to include an account for yourself as administrator.
  • Set Up Security
    Many new PCs come with a trial of security software or use whichever one you prefer. This will be your firewall and anti-virus. Once installed, be sure to update that data also.
  • Parental Control Setup
    Again, if this is for the younger kids, take the time now to set up the parental control system you want to use. Please don’t skip this step either. I know some of them can feel awkward to set up, but you can do it!
  • Connect the Cloud and/or Install Old Data
    If the person already had a computer, take the time to connect to their cloud account and/or install their old photos, files, music, videos etc from a backup of their current PC. Don’t forget to import their favorites/bookmarks too.
  • Set Up Email
    If the PC will have a stand alone email program, like Outlook, go ahead and get that installed and setup for them as well.
  • Create a Fun Desktop Image
    This is optional, but fun. I would make a desktop image that said “Merry Christmas T” or something like that and set it as the desktop image. That way when he turned it on the image showed up right away. The recipient can always change this as they customize their new PC.
  • Box It Back Up and Wrap It
    Once everything is done, carefully repackage it and tape the boxes back up. Then wrap the box and place under the tree.

Now when they open the computer they will be thrilled and then even more thrilled that it is ready for them to use right away!

Have you ever gifted someone a PC? Did you get it ready to go ahead of time? Are there any other steps that you took to get it ready?