8 Fun Holiday Gifts Under $20

Many of need inexpensive gifts for holiday gift giving games. Today I searched and found eight fun holiday gifts that are all under $20 each from Uncommon Goods (disclosure – links are affiliate links). There is a little something for everyone on the list. These gifts are sure to be a fun way to enjoy your holiday!

State Slate Cheese Boards

State Slate Cheese Boards
iconServe up some state pride at your next soiree with a slate silhouette of your home turf or favorite place to visit by Steven Chavez and Justin English. Cut and polished from all-natural slate, each board bears distinctive marks and stays naturally cool to keep cheeses at the ideal temperature for slicing and serving. The surface also makes handsome backdrop for appetizers hot and cold. An endlessly rewritable surface, slate can be marked with the included chalk, so you can add delectable details about each offering and how best to enjoy it. Made in Denver, Colorado.

Unicorn Horn

Unicorn Horn
iconYou already know that you’re a unique, magical unicorn who is full of mystical wonder. Let the world see it too with this shimmering headband. Great for special creatures of all ages, this lightweight accessory offers a comfortable elastic headband so the horn stays in place, even when galloping through fields of fairy nymphs and glitter. Choose from silver or rainbow, whichever you think best shows off your magical essence. Handmade by Annie Bruce in Brooklyn, NY.

Caramel Sampler Set of 6

Caramel Sampler Set of 6
iconIndulge in the sweet satisfaction of six different artisanal caramels with this sampler set. With something for every taste, the delicious “flight” comes in a charming gift box. Handmade in Brooklyn. Salty Caramel, Brooklyn Butterscotch, Chewy Sesame, Spicy Chili, Peppered Orange, and Flowery Lavender.

Dream JournalDream Journal
iconD. H. Lawrence said, “I can never decide whether my dreams are the result of my thoughts, or my thoughts are the result of my dream” Short of hiring a personal analyst to sort out such dilemmas, you can take a DIY approach with this guided dream journal. It offers more than 120 pages to record, sketch, and reflect on your enigmatic world of dreams, from blissful to baffling. Keep it on a bedside table to quickly record the night’s impressions and serve as your own dream interpreter. The bright, contemporary binding includes a ribbon page marker. Made in China.

Face MugFace Mug
iconPut a smile on that mug with a hungry mouth cubby that bites off more than you can chew. Perfect for serving milk and cookies, coffee and doughnuts, tea and biscotti, or your favorite snack-time combinations. Made of porcelain in China.

Set of 2 Glass StrawsSet of 2 Glass Straws
iconEnjoy your favorite drinks with this handmade glass straw set-a reusable alternative to disposable plastic straws. Designed by dentists Cyndi and Steve Sladics to be better for your teeth than plastic straws, the set includes one straight straw, one angled straw, and a special brush to keep them clean so they can be used over and over. They’re made from borosilicate glass tubing that’s hand shaped, flame polished, and annealed to produce finely-crafted, waste-saving alternatives to disposable straws. Handmade in Costa Mesa, California.

Make Your Own Panties KitMake Your Own Panties Kit
iconWhether you call them panties, bloomers, kickers, skivvies, or just plain-old underwear, chances are the clothing concealed beneath your clothes could use a little pinch of cuteness. Crafting takes a turn for the cheeky in this fun kit that includes everything you’ll need to make your own adorable, polka-dotted bloomers. A silly activity for your crafting circle, a teen sleepover bash, or a tongue-in-cheek gift to give the blushing bride during her bachelorette party, you can bet your bottom dollar that this kit will get big laughs. The finished knickers feature a fanny-flattering shape, rickrack trim, and a sweet, embroidered cherry accent. Kit assembled in China.

Ring Jewel Ice Pop Mold

Ring Jewel Ice Pop Mold – Set of 6
iconOn a hot summer day, any sane person would say yes to a popsicle proposal. Make bauble-inspired frozen treats with ring-shaped molds that make dessert a delicious accessory. Simply fill the molds with your favorite fruits and juices, then freeze and enjoy a unique snack that looks as cool as it tastes. Made in China.