So I was working at my home office today, not unusual. I was writing a post for this blog about apps for smartphones and tablets (it will be coming soon) and I was listening to in the background, no unusual. I love listening to all kinds of Blabs – kind of like video podcasts/live talk shows, as I work. It is not uncommon for me to take a few minutes to jump around and try out different Blab’s as I work. I’m always trying to gain knowledge about my work in social media on Blab.

Today as I was Blab-hopping I stumbled upon one titled, “How to Use Online Video to Build Your Platform – with @LuriaPetrucci” That sounded interesting since I’m trying to do more video. I did not know the host, @LeslieSamuel, or recognize the name of the guest, Luria Petrucci. No matter, I often jump on Blabs with people I have never heard of. Once I got into the Blab I noticed that @LuriaPetrucci had (Cali Lewis) next to her name. WAIT! I know her! I watched her for years on Geek Beat and Geek Brief talking about all sorts of tech stuff and I always admired her for being a strong woman in the tech field. HOLY COW! Now I was star struck! I made a comment in the room, and then there was an open seat on video. I had to join in and tell Cali, aka Luria, how much I have admired her for so many years. OMG – here I am on camera talking to her. I talk to other famous people, but today I was totally in awe. During the conversation she mentioned her Ted Talk where she talks about her name change as well. After the Blab was over I went to watch the talk and was even more in awe of this amazing woman than I was before! Here is the video…


Was that not an awesome talk? I loved that Luria was so open about her experiences as a women in a male dominated field. Although, it really does not matter what field you are in – instead of trying to fit in the defined box, find your own box! As women, we need to remain in control of our own lives are careers in our own terms. Even if that means bucking the current system.

I learned today that I need to keep standing strong in who *I* am. As a woman, and as a human being. The “norms” of society are not always right and we need to stay our ground to be ourselves. It does not matter if others are telling us differently, go with your gut, trust your instincts!

Did you watch Luria’s Ted Talk? What did you think? How are you being YOU in your everyday life?