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Did Santa bringing you a new tablet this holiday season? Lucky you! Now it is time to start utilizing that tablet fully.

Setting Up and Using Your Tablet

You have probably already done some of these things, but just in case you missed a step, here are some things to do to set up your tablet. Once your tablet is set up then it is time to really start using your tablet. Take your time in learning how to use the tablet, the learning curve is different for everyone.

If you did not get a tablet but want to spend some of that Christmas money, take a look at all the tablets available at Verizon (disclosure: I am Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador and am compensated, opinions are my own).

  • Connect Your Wi-Fi Network
    Even if your tablet has a SIM card to use with your wireless carrier, you will still want to set up your Wi-Fi networks that you use at home and work. This will save on your data usage as well. Once you have this set you should not have to do it again unless your Wi-Fi settings change.
  • Set Time and Date
    This includes making sure you are in the correct time zone. If you travel to different time zones you may have to manually update this also.
  • Set Up Accounts
    Most of us have multiple universal accounts these days. Your iTunes account, Google account, Microsoft account, etc. Add all of them that you use to the tablet so you can easily use all those services right from the tablet.
  • Set Up Security
    The level of security you set up will depend on your needs. You should have at least a lock screen setting. There are anti-virus and anti-malware apps now available on all operating systems to help protect you even further. I recommend checking out Verizon Total Mobile Protection and Verizon FamilyBase.
  • Set Up Text Messages
    I have been using Verizon Messages for my text messaging for quite some time now and I love it. The reason is because I can install this on my phones, tablets, and computers and all of my text messages stay synced between all of my devices. I have a more detailed post about Verizon Messages.
  • Take a Class
    Verizon offers free classes on a variety of things, including tablets. Check your local Verizon store for their schedule. This is a great resource if you are very new to tablets.
  • Customize Your Tablet
    You can change your background images, fonts, colors, and so much more. Make it fun and easy for you to use.
  • Download Apps
    Go to the primary store for your operating system and find some new apps to try out on your tablet. Some apps are made specifically for tablets even.
  • Write Down Passwords (if needed)
    If you are brand new to using a tablet and the internet, be sure to write down passwords and usernames as you create them on your tablet. You might think you will remember them, but trust me at some point you will forget.

Accessories for Your Tablet

There are some accessories for your tablet that are extremely useful. Consider adding these to your tablet to get even more use from the tablet.

  • Case
    You want to protect your new tablet. There are so many choices in tablet cases for all types of tablets. For tablets a case that flips over to cover the screen when not in use is the most practical.
  • Keyboard
    The keyboard is my favorite accessory for tablets. I have one for all of my tablets. It allows you to use your tablet as a small computer and is great if you are on the go and don’t want to carry around a larger laptop. There are several options that are a keyboard and case combination available as well.
  • Dock
    If you are using your tablet as your primary computer then a dock may be a great accessory for you. The docks hold your tablet up and are connected to power so that you don’t use up your battery all day.
  • Stand
    A tablet stand is generally not powered like the docks are. There are both hard and soft stands also so if you use your tablet on a hard surface you can get that type, but if you use it on your lap often you may want the more pillow type soft stand.
  • Stylus
    Tablets are touch screens and are fingers are easy to use on them. However, some folks prefer to use a stylus instead. I love the Surface tablets that come with a stylus and the Samsung Note tablets also have a stylus with them. There are even special ones that are great for artists who draw and paint digitally.

So did you get a tablet this holiday season or are you planning to buy one soon? What, if any, questions do you have?




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