Many of you also pick a “word of the year” at the beginning of each year. For 2016 my word is GROW.

Ways I want to GROW in 2016:

  • Grow My Family
    This really isn’t me directly, but I am excited to be welcoming twin grandbabies in 2016 which will grow my family. I’m anxious that my roll in my family will be added to this year as grandma.
  • Grow My Speaking
    This goal for growing is probably going to be my toughest challenge in 2016 but I really want to do it. For those that know me “in real life” you know I love to talk anyway, but I really enjoy sharing my knowledge of social media with others. I will be working on speaking more, including actual paid speaking gigs in 2016.
  • Grow My Income
    My actual goal is to double my income in 2016 from my work. Some of this will come from my speaking (above) and also here on my blog and my social media consulting. I am setting up specific goals in all of these areas to do this growing.
  • Grow My Home
    Hubby and I have wanted to move for years now. I’m working hard on setting steps in place for us to make this happen and move into a bigger home in 2016.
  • Grow Myself
    Not something new, this is something I strive to do every single year. I continue to want to expand my mind and my heart every single year.

A huge thanks to Coach Jennie, the Audacity Coach, and her Blabs for inspiring me to write this post!

Have you selected a word of 2016? I would love for you to leave a comment sharing your word and what it means to you!