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This week CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is taking place in Las Vegas. There are thousands of new items being released but today I’m focusing on smart home kitchen gadgets and kitchen appliances and some other home tools and appliances. It is truly amazing what these companies are coming up with to help us make our meals at home and to make our days easier.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Transform your kitchen with a revolutionary refrigerator featuring a Wi-Fi touchscreen that lets you connect with your family, manage food, and entertain like never before. Display your calendar, notes, recipes, weather, and more. Look inside remotely with a built-in interior camera. Create shopping lists and order groceries. Stream entertainment, including news, music, and TV. The Family Hub Refrigerator will be available in Spring 2016. Samsung is also planning to integrate this with Alexa in the near future. The price will be about $5,000

Now how cool is that? (pun intended) I’ve been drooling over Samsung refrigerator’s for quite some time, but this is my favorite version ever!

LG washer dryer combo machine

LG Washer Dryer Combo Machine

This is not really a totally new thing. I watch a lot of House Hunters International and have been seeing this appliance which can wash and dry your clothes all in the same machine. But still, it looks like they are rolling it out here in the USA which makes me happy. Think about how much more room you will have in your laundry room!

EmberTech Mug


Tired of your coffee or tea getting cold? The Ember mug will keep it at the right temperature all day long when you use the smart coaster it comes with. Name your mug, tell it your preferences, and never drink a too cold hot beverage again!

Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet SmartFeeder

I love this for anyone who loves their pet but has kind of a crazy schedule. You put your pet’s food in the hopper and then you can control it with your smartphone. Decide on when to feed them and how much. Plus it can also ship pet food directly to you when you get low!


Smarter Mat

Smarter Mat

Now this is super cool. You put this mat in the fridge, cupboard, pantry, etc. and set foods on top of it. The mat uses weight sensors so you can see on your app, and even get alerts, when the packages are getting low or empty! This is supposed to cost about $80 when it is released for sale.

wi-key icuisine

Wi-Key iCuisine

Now I know for a few of you that you will think this is overkill, but not for me! I love combining food prep and technology! The iCuisine line connects with an app on your phone to tell you all sorts of things. There are, of course, some digital thermometers. I also am loving the measuring cups and cutting boards which weigh your food also. Tons of great ideas here!

pico home brewer


Want to brew your own beer at home? The PicoBrew lets you easily do this with ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredints. The beer brews in just about 2 hours! I’m thinking Hubby would love this! The price is $599

What do you think? Which of these products would you love to have in your own home?