We all love taking pictures with our smartphones of family, friends, flowers, scenery and such. For most of us our smartphone camera has replaced our stand alone cameras even. And why not? It is always with you and the cameras just keep getting better and better on our phones. Just like when we take photos of traditional things to remember the moment, we can use our smartphone camera to remember lots of other things as well. Today I’m sharing ideas on using your smartphone camera in different ways. I am currently using my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone to do all of these things. Disclosure: I am a #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Ambassador and am compensated for sharing my thoughts and ideas. 

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  • Parking Spaces
    If you have trouble remembering what level and row you park in at parking garages or even on the street. After you get out of your car stop and take a quick pick that shows the level, row, or area that you parked. When you are ready to leave and cannot remember where you parked, just look at the photo on your phone.
  • Show What You Need
    I often ask Hubby if he can pick something up at the store for me if I have run out of it. Since I do most of the main shopping he doesn’t always know what brand I like, what the package looks like, etc. which makes it harder for him to shop. I will snap a photo with my phone and send it to him via a text message. This way he has a visual reference as well to help him find that product on the shelves.
  • Flyer Information
    There are still lots of bulletin boards around at stores, work, and other places. While some flyers may have little tabs you can tear off with a phone number or a bit of info, it usually is not everything. Instead of taking that tab, take a photo of the flyer with your smartphone camera. Now you have all of the details to take action on later.
  • Calendar Reminder
    We all use a variety of different kinds of calendars, wall hangers, small purse size, digital, and others. Many times we want to share calendars also. If someone has a printed calendar just snap a photo of it so that later you can add those details to your own calendar, rather printed or digital.
  • People Finder
    While we do take photos of people all the time for memories you can also use it as a people finder. This is really great when you are with a group at an event, amusement park, beach, etc. When you all get to the location, take a moment to take a photo of each person, especially the kids, that shows what they are wearing also. If someone gets lost from the group you have the most current photo of them to help others help you find them.
  • Claim It
    Do you lose your claim tickets for coat check, valet parking, dry cleaning, etc.? Take a photo of the claim ticket as soon as you get it. This way if you misplace the ticket you can still show the photo.
  • Wish List
    When you are shopping and find an item that you want but are not planning on buying that day, take a photo of it. You can then remember it to buy for yourself or share with friends and family as a “wish list” item when they want to buy you a gift.
  • Make and Model
    There are certain items that you have to replace occasionally that have lots of different makes and models. Light bulbs are one of those things that really were a pain to me before. Not the regular bulbs, but those specialty bulbs for kitchen lights, ceiling fans, etc. Take a photo of the bulb and the specific one you need and keep this on your phone. That way when you need to buy more you can pull up that photo and get the exact right bulbs for your fixtures.
  • Bigger Text
    Are you reading a package or something with print too small for your eyes? Take a photo with your smartphone and then you can zoom in on it!
  • Keep a Copy
    Do you have important information like insurance cards, letters, documents, etc. that are printed that you want to have a copy of? Snap a photo of it with your smartphone camera!
  • Boarding Passes
    If you travel and have apps that show boarding passes (I have them for all the airlines I fly) it can show you your boarding pass on the app but you generally need to be connected to see it. Pull up your boarding pass before you get to security even and take a screen shot of it on your phone. Now you have the boarding pass in your photo gallery to show security and the gate agent to scan even if you cannot connect to a signal for the app.
  • Don’t Buy Doubles
    Some of us just are bad about buying duplicates of things. We just don’t look before we leave the house if we already have it or we forget what we have. Think about taking pictures on your smartphone of your pantry, inside the fridge and freezer, your collectibles, your shoes and clothes, etc. Anything that you have found yourself buying doubles of accidentally.
  • Lending Library
    Do you let your friends borrow things but have trouble remembering who you lent them to or trouble with them returning it to you? Take a photo of your friend with the item when they borrow it! Now you know where it is and who has it.
  • Keep Meds Handy
    There are a lot of apps to help you keep track of meds, but if you aren’t quite that handy simply snap a photo when you pick up a prescription. Make sure you can see the name of the med, the pharmacy prescription number, refills, etc. This makes it easy for refilling prescriptions and also to show your doctors or ER if they need to know what else you are taking. Do this for any meds your kids or elderly you may be caretaker for as well.
  • Copy a Reference
    Are you at the library and need just a bit of info from a book? Instead of paying to copy the pages try snapping a photo with your phone instead.
  • Snap Whiteboard Notes at Meetings
    Are you at a meeting that people have written things on a whiteboard (or similar) that you want to remember? Snap a photo of the board to capture all the notes easily and quickly.
  • Remember Who’s Who
    If you are given business cards it can be hard to place a face with the name at times. Take a photo of the person holding their own business card to easily remember who’s who. On a side note, if you have your own business cards put a current photo on them to make lives of those you give them to easier.
  • What Did I Have?
    Are you out at a restaurant or a friends and drink or eat something new to you that you love? Snap a photo of the wine bottle, the package the food came in, etc. so you will remember what it is to buy it yourself later.
  • Document Your Belongings
    Go around the house and take photos of your belongings for insurance purposes. This is also a good thing to do before you travel – take photos of your suitcases and contents, just in case they get lost, so you have proof.
  • Put It Back Together
    If you are repairing something and have to take it apart, take photos with your phone as you dismantle it to help you put it back together again.
  • The Menu
    If you like to share photos of food on Instagram and other places but forget the names, take a photo of the description on the menu as well as the food so you can easily put in the name of the dish and the ingredients.

Have you used your smartphone camera for any of these uses? What other clever ways do you use your camera on your phone?



Robyn is a #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger for Verizon