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Tonight’s dinner was one of the best tasting soups I have ever made, Chicken Tortilla Soup! YUM YUM YUM! The original recipe I saw on Sara Moulton’s Weeknight Meals show on PBS for Charred Tomato, Chicken and Tortilla Soup. I adjusted it a bit, of course, but wow was this good! If you have never watched her show, you should. I have tried many of her recipes and love them all.

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe | Robyns.World

Start off by charring your tomatoes, onions, garlic and jalapeno pepper. You can do this under your broiler. Just keep an eye on all of them closely.

char the vegetables

Here are my veggies all charred and toasty! Make sure you let them cool off before you peel them.

charred veggies

While your veggies are cooking. Mix together the oil and spices in a small bowl and use a pastry brush to brush it onto one side of each of the tortillas. Take one of the tortillas and set it aside (don’t bake it) to add to the soup a bit later to thicken it. The other 5 tortillas cut into strips.

prepare corn tortillas

Bake the seasoned tortilla strips in the oven until they are nice and crispy. These will be placed on top of the soup when you eat it.

baked tortilla strips

Once your charred veggies are cool, peel them all. Then throw them in the pot on the stove in the chicken stock. Add the one tortilla that you set aside also. Now use an immersion blender (stick blender) and puree everything in the pot until smooth.

blend veggies and add chicken and corn

Now add the corn kernels, cooked chicken, and lime juice. Give a taste and adjust with salt and pepper as needed. Serve with all of the garnishes!

Garnish soup with sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, cilantro, guacamole, and tortilla strips


Is this a soup you will try? What would you add, change or remove?



Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe


  • 12 Medium plum tomatoes (about 2.5 pounds)
  • 3 Medium ears of corn, husks and silks removed
  • 2 Medium unpeeled yellow onions, sliced in half
  • 1 Medium jalapeno pepper
  • 8 cloves garlic, unpeeled
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 6 6" corn tortillas
  • 2.5 cups chicken stock
  • 2 cups shredded cooked chicken
  • 1 Medium lime - the juice only from it
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • shredded sharp cheddar cheese (for garnish)
  • chopped fresh cilantro (for garnish)
  • sour cream (for garnish)
  • fresh guacamole (for garnish)


Set broiler to high. Place tomatoes, corn, onions, garlic, and jalapeno on baking sheet. Broil for about 5 minutes and then turn jalapeno and garlic. Broil another 5 minutes. Remove jalapeno and garlic and set aside to cool. Rotate corn. Broil another 5 minutes or so. Remove corn - it should be browned all the way around. Flip tomatoes over, broil tomatoes and onions another 5-10 minutes. Just watch them carefully while broiling. Remove all from oven and set aside to cool.

Mix oil, chili powder, cumin, and salt together. Brush mixture onto one side of each corn tortilla. Set one tortilla aside. The others, cut in half and then into strips. Place on baking sheet and bake (I just turned broil to low setting) and cook until crispy, about 5 minutes, talking occasionally. Remove to cool.

Heat chicken stock in large pot on stove. Carefully remove the skins from the tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Remove seeds and stems from jalapeno. Add those vegetables to the pot with stock. Tear up the one seasoned, but uncooked, corn tortilla to the pot as well. Use an immersion blender in the pot to puree all the vegetables.

Slice corn kernels off the cobs. Add corn to the pot. Add cooked chicken to the pot. Add juice of 1 lime to the pot. Stir well and bring to slight boil and then lower to simmer. Taste and add salt and pepper as needed. Simmer for 20 minutes.

Serve with garnishes of tortilla strips, shredded cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.