Yes, I’m talking about pregnancy safe remedies today. No, I’m not pregnant myself, but most of you already know I am going to be a grandma of twin girls this spring. Caitlan (son’s girlfriend) has been struggling with nausea the entire pregnancy. I want her to feel better and for the babies to stay healthy at the same time so when healthy mama contacted me about their products I was excited. I asked Caitlan if she wanted to try them out and she said YES quickly!

healthy mama products - pregnancy safe remedies

What appealed so much to Caitlan (and me as grandma-to-be) was the fact that she knew she could take these products without having to call the doctor and check all the time if it was safe like she would have to do with other over the counter relief products. This is her first pregnancy and so there are so many things you just don’t know during your first time. The healthy mama line is OB/GYN recommended, free of dye, gluten, parabens, artificial flavor, preservatives and sweeteners, they are organic and non-gmo when possible.

Healthy Mama Pregnancy Safe Remedies that Caitlan has tried

  • Shake That Ache!
    This is for pain relief. Caitlan is far enough along, especially with twins, that she gets backaches and she said this works great for that. It also helps her with her occasional headaches.
  • Tame the Flame!
    I so remember heartburn when I was pregnant with my own son, it was horrible! I wish I would have had this product back then. Caitlan says these work really well and quickly! She said there is a bit of an odd aftertaste, but nothing terrible. She thinks Tame the Flame works much better than other over-the-counter heartburn relief products she has tried.
  • Nip the Nausea
    Poor Caitlan has had nausea her entire pregnancy, it was super bad at the beginning especially. These drops (lozenges) are ginger flavored she says and quite strong, but they work right away to make her feel better. She usually cannot keep them in her mouth until they are gone because the taste is strong, but she says the effect of feeling better lasts for quite some time after she has even part of one of the drops. They also have herbal tea and an energy drink that both help with morning sickness.

Healthy Mama Medication Chart - pregnancy safe remedies

Huge thanks to healthy mama for providing such great products for women who are expecting that they can feel better about using. It makes me happy to know as a grandma-to-be that both mom and babies have safer options available!

Would you use healthy mama products are recommend them to someone you know who is pregnant?