Grandma in Training

Yes, I’m officially a grandma in training! Yesterday Catilan and I headed to the store so she could register for baby shower gifts. It is amazing to me how many new types of baby products there are out there! I have a lot to learn. It really just seems like yesterday that my son was a baby so I was shocked at all the changes. This outing also made me realize that I’ve been giving out the same advice about babies for the past 21 years. Oops!

The new baby monitors are amazing with all the camera and motion detection options on them. The one I had all those years ago was pretty simple and just heard sound and a lot of interference from my neighbors cordless phones (I heard a lot of their conversations). All of the baby bottle systems that are out there caught me off guard. There were not nearly that many options in my new mommy days. Baby swings have really improved it seems too. They don’t just go back and forth, they go side to side and all sorts of things and are much prettier now I think.

I’m sure there are plenty of things I need to learn to be prepared for the twins once they arrive. The way people feed babies, diaper babies, and just generally take care of them has changed in some ways. I think I’m going to look and see if they have grandparent classes somewhere even so I don’t do something really wrong.

I would love to know your experiences of when you became a grandparent and also experiences of you new moms and what you love (and don’t love) that your parents do as grandparents. Also tell me about the baby products that are newer that you love or those that I should just skip!