Supporting Others - A Monthly Series on Robyns.World to share projects that help us support each other

I’m starting a new series here on my blog, Supporting Others. This will be a once a month post where I am going to share ways that we can all be supporting others.

Each month I will select a few different causes, projects, and such that I find interesting and give you the details. Supporting others in this way lets me help others by sharing their information and spreading the word. I will try and keep things mixed up to cover a variety of topics as well. I hope you enjoy this new series and can can provide support to some of the projects I highlight each month.

Energize My Hero Charlie

Support My Hero Charlie

This project is a fundraiser via the sale of t-shirts for a family that needs help financially in purchasing medications, supplements, and medical services for Charlie, a 9 year old boy with Mitochondiral Disease. I know his mom, Charlene Long, from where I have spoken with her many times and heard about Charlie’s struggles.

They have created a great T-shirt depicting Charlie as a superhero! The shirts are $25 each and come in a variety of sizes and colors. I ordered my shirt last night!

Learn more about the Energize My Hero Charlie project, share with others, and order your own T-shirt!

#GetFitUSA Run Across the USA

#GetFitUSA Run Across the USA

KP Kelly is taking on the task of running across the entire country. That’s 2,500 miles in 100 days and helping 100 charities along the way. The goal is to raise awareness of the movement to connect people in need with the people who can help them. The 100 charities will be helped in various ways from cash donations, to marketing and fundraising help, to providing man-hours of service and other ways. KP will be live-streaming the run across the country as well.

Learn more about #GetFitUSA Run Across the USA, donate and share, and get in touch with KP if you can help in other ways.

Say it Forward

Say it Forward

This is a movement that sprinkles a little positivity around the globe! Many of us have heard of “pay it forward” and this similiar but the goal of Say it Forward is to inspire others with words. The project use small cards with positive quotes that you share with others. Sandra Centorino is the embodiment of positivity every time I see here online and really wants our world to be a better place and believe we all have the power to make that happen.

Learn more about how you can get involved with Say it Forward and start sharing positivity! Plus, Sandra also has a free coloring book with fun designs and quotes for adults and kids to enjoy!

Did you find any interesting projects today? How do you support others?

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