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It seems like forever that I have wanted to know how to print a list of all my blog posts. With the recent domain name change I really wanted one to easily mark off the posts that I have updated completely since the transfer was not as perfect as I would have liked. Finally, I have figured out a way to do it and I am sharing because I know I can’t be the only one who wanted to do this.

Your blog will need to be on WordPress in order to do this because you need a plugin. Simple Sitemap is a free plugin and is the only one I found that will make a complete list. Over the past week I tried several HTML sitemap plugins and the others were limiting but Simple Sitemap does the trick. Grab the plugin and install it.

simple sitemap plugin screenshot

Now create a new page (not post) on your blog. You might want to name it “sitemap” or something similar.

You are going to use a shortcode on the new page that will pull in your sitemap. Shortcodes will use the “[” and “]” at the beginning and the end. The simplest way is to use simple-sitemap

You can do lots of other options though by modifying that code. In WordPress on the left side go to SETTINGS and then SIMPLE SITEMAP. This will bring up the options page for the plugin that shows you how to customize and will include the registered post types you currently have on your blog.

I wanted a simple list of all the posts ordered by date so I used this code:

Simple Sitemap Shortcode on Sitemap Page  |  Robyns.World

That created this sitemap page for me:

Sample HTML Sitemap Screenshot

Once you have your sitemap created, select all of the list by clicking and holding your mouse and dragging it down through the entire list to highlight it. Right click or press CNTRL+C to copy that text. Now open up Microsoft Word (or whatever word processing program you use) and PASTE AS TEXT ONLY into the document. Now you have a complete and easily printed list of all of your blog posts.

If your blog is a few years old, like mine, you might have a LOT of blog posts. I have almost 4,000 blog posts here on my blog. Because the list is so long I wanted to reduce the number of pages I actually had to print out. Just go in and select all and make the font smaller to save space and you can also make your margins much smaller on the document. I also added page numbers to the bottom of each page so I could keep things in order. When I went to print out the list I also used two sided printing. This gave my 49 pages of text but it printed out on just 25 since I used both sides.

printed blog post list

You can of course modify how you create the list or how you print it out to suit your own needs. Be sure to save the document as well in case you want to do something different with it later. If you add more blog posts the sitemap page you created will be automatically updated and you can just copy and paste those new post titles from the sitemap into your document.

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