#chipoloselfie with Chipolo Item Finder

Chipolo Item Finder is a new gadget that helps you keep track of where your things are. (Disclosure: I am being compensated for sharing about Chipolo, but opinions are my own.) This simple little circle can be attached by a jump ring or a small sticker (both included) to whatever you like. Keys, pets, glasses case, tablet, wallet, lint roller, or anything you seem to misplace often and want to be able to quickly find it. It works with your smartphone and can be used with iPhones, Android phones and even Windows Phones!

chipolo item finder in box

It is super simple to get started. First, download the Chipolo app. Now open your new Chipolo item finder tag and remove the paper tab. Open the app on your phone and click the + sign to add a new Chipolo. You will put the Chipolo directly on top of the phone to connect it and once your phone “finds” it you can name it anything you like. Now attach it to whatever you like and it’s ready to go! Easy enough for non-techie people to use even.

Chipolo and Keys

I am forever searching for my keys. Sometimes they are actually in my purse but they are hard to find in there too since it’s a big purse filled with a lot of stuff. I attached Chipolo to my keys and now when I’m looking for them I just pick up my phone and touch the icon and my Chipolo item finder will ring. Now if they are in my purse I will know to dig deeper to find them. If they aren’t I will hear Chipolo ringing from somewhere else and can find them. The app also shows me how near or far I am from the item.

chipolo item finder attached to keys keys

Chipolo and the Lint Roller

You may have found it strange that I included lint roller on my list but in my house we are always looking for it and can never find it! Ack! With one big dog and three cats, all whom shed a lot, we are always in need of the lint roller. The problem is that when someone uses it they tend to put it down in a different place every single time. I used the included double-sided sticky pad that came with Chipolo to attach it to the bottom of the lint roller. Now I can just ring the Chipolo item finder with my phone app and find it anywhere it is in the house. No more fur covered pants when I leave the house!

chipolo item finder attached to my  lint roller

Chipolo App

The Chipolo app is very simple to use. Below are screenshots from the Android version that I am using. You can have a list view or a map view of where all of your Chipolo tags are and even the device you have the app on, shown as Robyn’s Note 5 on my list below.

chipolo item finder tag list

Each Chipolo item finder also has its own screen.

chipolo item finder keys screen chipolo item finder lint roller screen
Within each screen you can customize the name, sounds, and sharing functions for each Chipolo item finder tag. The sharing feature is great if you share your keys with someone else, this way you both can keep track of where they are!

chipolo item finder lint roller customizechipolo item finder tag settings

Another fun feature of Chipolo is the selfie function. Once you find your item that has a Chipolo tag you can click the “take selfie” function and then just shake the Chipolo and it will take a selfie for you. Not something you would do every day, but still kind of fun. I did this with the photo at the top and shared it out on Instagram with the #ChipoloSelfie tag!

Chipolo Item Finder Video

This video is an outtake from the Everyday Tech Talk Show I do each week on Blab.im. I shared about the Chipolo on the show recently so you can see and hear how it sounds and different ways you can use Chipolo.

Buy Chipolo

You can order Chipolo directly from the company and they are just $29.95 each. I think this is a great price point and well worth the money and plan on buying more myself and as gifts. They come in 9 bright and fun colors and each includes an extra battery, jump ring, and double-sided sticker for mounting.

So what items do you lose most often? How would you use the Chipolo?