TUTORIAL: Facebook On This Day Options

Facebook options include them showing your past posts, called “On This Day“. Some people love this, some hate it. Regardless, here is a quick overview of the options you have for the On This Day feature on Facebook.

Facebook watches your old photos, status updates, and other posts from previous years. You will notice on the main feed page often these items at the top of your feed. You can opt to re-share these items on your current feed or not as you like. One of the problems though is that Facebook does not know what are happy or sad memories for you. It might be great to see a photo of your family on vacation three years ago, but sad to see a post about your dog that passed away last year. There are a few Facebook options though that can set for On This Day that might fit your like or dislike of this feature more.

To get to these Facebook options you can go directly to facebook.com/onthisday and it will show your upcoming past moments and the ability to change the options. You will see on the upper right of this page two buttons, notifications and preferences. Notifications can be set to off or all memories (on). I have mine turned off, but they still pop up on my timeline occasionally. I guess Facebook wants to remind me occasionally about the On This Day feature.

Facebook Options for On This Day feature

If you click on the preferences button at the upper right a window will pop up with two other filters, people and dates. It really is not a lot to work with, but they can be helpful for some folks.

Facebook On This Day preferences

Facebook options for people within On This Day lets you block certain people from seeing those past memories if you do share them. If your ex is on Facebook, for example, you can add their name here to prevent them from seeing your On This Day shares. Just type in the name of the person you do not want to see your items and click save. Facebook reminds you here also that you can just block certain people totally on Facebook which is probably a better option for most of us if we have someone like this in our lives.

Facebook options: On this day, blocking individual people

The other Facebook option is the ability to block certain dates or time frames. This is a much more functional option. If you know the specific date or date range of a memory you do not even want to be reminded of you can add those dates here and Facebook will never remind you of photos, status updates and other items on those days. Just click edit on the date option in the pop up box and a new box will come up to add your dates. Click on select dates and input the date, or date range, and click save.

Facebook Options: On This Day, blocking dates

You can add multiple dates as well as you can see below. Just click on Select Dates again to add another time frame. Remember to save after you add each one.

Facebook Options: On This Day - block multiple dates

As I said, there are not a ton of Facebook options for On This Day, but at least there are a few to help you control this feature. Just like everything else though on Facebook, this feature and its options are subject to change. We all know that Facebook wants to be more in control of what you see than you.

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