Android App Recommendations

Today I have some new Android app recommendations for you. This are all from my son, T, who is 21 and is always on his smartphone. He actually uses 2 phones, one is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the other is a Motorola Moto X. I asked him to share a few of his commonly used apps to get a different perspective than the apps I recommend to you. Enjoy!


Couple is a cute relationship app with useful tools such as private messaging, location broadcasting, calendar, lists, and it’s all private. You have to pair each phone to the other person, not just account to account. Saves all pictures sent within your account, for safe keeping. We use this app to send cute lovey-dovey stuff to each other to improve our relationship. *Robyn’s note – T and Caitlan seem to use this one a lot!
Couple App

Phone Info Samsung

The Phone Info app is created just for Samsung devices, but it is not made by Samsung. Information about everything that your Samsung phone/tablet (for newer models) is thinking at all times. A lot of newer flagships have all kinds of cool sensors in them now, this shows their reading in a standard format for whatever the sensor reads. Gyroscope is in rad/s, temperature in *C/*F, pressure in in hPa, etc. For techie people it is just cool information to have and to be able to see all the data on all the sensors.

Phone Info for Samsung App


The Muzei Music Extension app changes your wallpaper on the home screen and/or lock screen to the currently playing music’s album artwork. Some phones support showing the images, but only within the default music app. Muzei allows you to do this on many other devices and is compatible with many of the popular streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Music, etc. It is just a cool feature for people on their phones a lot who like music.

Muzei Music Extension App

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is a replacement app focused on doing the basics very well, with lots of customization. Not as many features as some apps, but this is a very lightweight and fast app. I’ve used this for years now without any problem and I even purchased the full version. Other similar apps I have tried started having issues and I only used them a short time. Note that I rarely, if ever, buy an app.

Textra SMS

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a well rounded weather app with plenty of scientific data. Plus users of the app can instantly update and confirm weather conditions so that everyone has a more accurate experience. I find that the hourly forecasts are surprisingly accurate and I depend on them for many things. There is also weather radio, sun/moon info, and tropical storm information. If there are weather alerts in your area the app will notify you even if your phone is on silent.

Weather Underground App


Did you find any new apps from this list?