Thankfully, I have found something to satisfy Hubby when he comes home hungry, new SNICKERS Crispers! With everything that is happening at our house lately our dinners have not always been on time and he is cranky and hungry when he gets home from work. The SNICKERS Crisper are just the right size to crave that monster and make him happier! Thanks to SheSpeaks and MARS from sending me samples.

New SNICKERS Crisper available at Walmart

I think we can call this mood he gets in crangry – cranky+hungry. While I know he gets crangry when is first home from work, I also know that he gets crangry at work in the afternoon. So do the rest of the guys in his shop I’m sure. My son also gets crangry on a regular basis and he has a crazy schedule that is just going to get even crazier when the twins come home (hopefully this week). This means I will be adding SNICKERS Crisper to my Walmart shopping list on a regular basis to keep them in stock here at home and for Hubby to keep in his toolbox at work to satisfy the crangry moods.

So how do SNICKERS Crisper taste? Great! It’s like your favorite SNICKERS but they have added crisped rice to them. Yum! The single pack features 2 pieces that are 100 calories each. They also have the fun size SNICKERS Crisper bag of individually wrapped pieces. For those who are a little more crangry there is also a SNICKERS Crisper 4 To Go package. All of these are available at your local Walmart store and even at These would be perfect to pick up if you are putting together some Easter baskets in the next couple of days too!

Brad gets CRANGRY


Brad gets #satisfaction from the SNICKERS Crisper - no more crangry

Have you tried the new SNICKERS Crisper yet? What do you think? Do you recognize that cranky + hungry crangry mood in yourself or someone in your house?