Annie says dogs should not eat corn cobsNo corn cobs for dogs might seem like a no brainer, but I have a tale to share about what happened to my dog Annie recently. Now our family did not feed her the corn cob, we actually no better. Our neighbor likes to feed any kind of animal she can think of outside and I know she is trying to be nice, but it comes at a price. She has drawn in every feral cat from miles around not to mention raccoons and possums but a new problem was created last week. She puts out dried ears of corn for the squirrels and animals and puts them right on the ground. The animals were taking them from her yard and carrying them over to our yard. Apparently my dog, Annie, decided to try one of them.

This is when our trouble began. We didn’t know she had eaten one. Whenever I see them in our yard I just toss them back in her yard, but I guess Annie got one I missed. Last Tuesday afternoon she started vomiting. Now the cats leave little gifts like this on a regular basis, but we knew right away it wasn’t from one of the cats. This was a lot of liquid. That evening she wasn’t quite herself and we kept an eye on her but we did not know what was wrong. She threw up a couple of more times. I was thinking that it would pass most likely. The next day she was still throwing up and it was green and icky. I actually found out the color was not actually a problem for the dog vomit, but her continuing to throw up was. She became extremely lethargic and progressively got worse. I called our vet, Elm Point Animal Hospital, and they got her in that afternoon. By this time she was really sick. The vet was quite worried as well and started doing some blood work and x-rays on her and kept her overnight to give her fluids and try to find out what was wrong. The initial x-rays showed some problems with her small intestine, but we didn’t see any actual foreign object. The next morning though they took another x-ray and they found what looked like a piece of corn cob, a couple of inches long, in her intestine! It was so odd seeing that on the screen!

annie at vet

Surgery was required right away to remove it. This was so scary for me and my family, and of course Annie. We only adopted her about 15 months ago and we love her so much and thought she might die. The vet was able to successfully remove the corn cob and luckily he did not have to remove any of her intestine. She remained at the vet to recover from surgery, get fluids and antibiotics, and hopefully start to heal. The vet said her intestines were very bruised and raw and she was still in danger.

Hubby and I took turns going up to visit Annie a couple of times a day, at least, to let Annie know we were still here for her and loved her. She had a very rough life before we rescued her and we did not want her to think that she was being put back into a pound or abandoned. The vet, and all the techs, really seemed to think these visits helped too. Especially on day 2 after her surgery. I went to visit her in the evening and she really perked up and the vet said she was that way the rest of the time after I visited her.

annie says this sucks

We finally brought her home on Saturday evening. Hubby and I were so extremely happy to pick her up and bring her back home. My twin granddaughters had just come home the day before and it was so awesome to finally have the entire family all back at home on Saturday night. I was finally able to breathe at least a little sigh of relieve to have them all home.

So my cautionary tale is to please not leave those dried corn cobs on the ground to feed other animals. Instead, use either loose dried corn or use a corn holder that the animals can’t take the cob out of on their own. This will help prevent not only your neighbor dogs, but really any other larger animal, from ingesting all or part of a corn cob and having this traumatic experience happen to them. It was almost $3,000 for Annie’s vet and surgery bills. That is a very expensive lesson for us to learn and one of the reasons I’m sharing with all of you.

Have you ever had a super scary experience like this with one of your pets?