New Parent App Suggestions

Today I’m sharing a few apps suggested by my son and daughter-in-law who are new parents of my gorgeous and genius twin granddaughters! Both parents use Android devices currently so these will all work on most Android devices as well.

My Pregnancy Today App by Babycenter

My Pregnancy Today – BabyCenter

This app is perfect for first time mothers, and great for mothers with other children as well! One of the features of this app is called “Birth Club”, where you can get advice, ask questions, or just converse via forums and groups with other mothers and pregnant women. You can keep track of your weekly baby bump growth, make a checklist for your registry, search products and make wishlists. One of the tools that this app has are a kick tracker and contraction timer (which came in handy with C). The app sends weekly emails and notifications about your baby’s development and what to expect at that point in the pregnancy.

Grow Parenting App

GROW Parenting App

This app is geared more towards after pregnancy, as the child is growing and developing. Some of the features of this app are a milestone tracker, where you can mark down big events and milestones throughout your child(ren)’s development; making a profile for your child(ren), where you can personalize the look of the profile and share photos and special moments that are worth remembering and looking back on; sharing these moments and photos to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also use this app to search for information on what to expect in the future for your child. The app offers 2000+ tips to help development with social skills, learning, creativity, etc.

Positive Parenting App

Positive Parenting

The interesting thing about the Positive Parenting app is that the whole app is based on articles that you read, star to read later, etc. What’s different is that the a lot of the articles are written by other ordinary parents rather than scientists and journalists. You can also submit your own written articles and you can receive $10 per qualifying article that the developers choose to post to the app! Many people have said that this app helps to understand how your child’s mind works, as well as the meanings and ideas behind other forms of parenting that people may use.

Pediatric Oncall App

Parenting – Pediatric Oncall

One downfall of this app is that you must login/sign up to use all the features, however, once logged in every feature is free! This app is for medical things that parents may have questions or concerns about that may not be an emergency. You can keep track of your child’s vaccinations, and if you want to learn more about specific immunizations there are articles about certain topics and things that you may have questions on. The app has a panel of doctors that you can ask questions and get answers from. You can search for local hospitals, medical colleges, etc. They have videos of conferences and lectures; medical calculators for pregnancy, growth, etc. This app has just about anything medically related in the palm of your hand.

Food Planner App

Food Planner

Food Planner is an app that helps make grocery lists, keep track of meals, make daily/weekly meal plans, find recipes, keep inventory, etc. One thing I enjoy about this app is that you can easily save lists and plans to come back on later, as well as back up your data so it doesn’t get lost. This app is great to use as a parent because as we all know packing school lunches or planning meals for days you are out and about can be a hassle when it comes to children. We also know how complicated going to the grocery store can be and how easy it is to throw “extras” in the cart that you didn’t plan on getting. This app can help budgeting issues as well as planning meals to make life easier.

Did you learn about any new apps from this list? Do you have any other apps for new parents you would like to suggest to my son and daughter-in-law?