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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
This week on the Everyday Tech Talk show we talked all about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone. Both myself and my co-host, Tommy Clifford @tommytrc, happen to be Verizon Wireless influencers and as such we receive various devices to try out. Thanks Verizon! Our latest that we both received was the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge so we compared notes and talk all about the features on the show for you.

Some of the favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are…

  • Water-resistant
    Yes, that’s right! The phone will resist splashes, spills, and even dunking. There are limits of course, but compared to other phones this one will hold up for you a bit more!
  • Expandable Memory
    This made me very happy, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 I was using prior to this did not have expandable memory. I was thrilled to see that Samsung returned the ability to add a memory card in the S7 Edge in case I needed it.
  • Easy Moving App Icons
    I stumbled across this feature by accident but I totally love it. Instead of holding an icon and then dragging from screen to screen, you can now hold it and drag it to top to tell the phone you want to move it. Then you let go and move to the screen you want and then drag that icon down where you want it. So much easier!
  • Fast Charging
    We have seen this on many phones lately, but I can tell you that even using my Qi charger is much faster with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge than it has been with my previous Samsung devices.
  • Amazing Camera
    I’m still playing with the camera and learning about the different options but the crispness and sharpness of photos in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is very apparent.

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Here is the replay of our show all about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Verizon. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them!



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