Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of hhgregg. All opinions are 100% mine.

Thanks to hhgregg and Samsung I Am Loving Doing Laundry!

Normally I hate doing laundry, but lately I am loving it. I think that is because of my new Samsung activewash High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer  and Samsung Steam Electric Dryer all from hhgregg. Getting a new washer and dryer set with some of the latest functions makes such a world of difference! Honestly, after we did all the regular laundry in the house I started looking for more things to wash! Curtains, throw rugs, comforters, you name it, I washed it!

The washer and dryer I had prior to this latest delivery were kind of old, to say the least. The dryer I had really put in a ton of work for me over the years and was 20 years old. A plain Jane model but it did the job. The washer however was the 3rd or 4th replacement I had had over the past 20 years. Hubby is very handy and fixed our original washer a few times, but then we bought another, and then that died, and then we got one from my cousin which was a front load that had so many issues of it’s own. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was to get even just a new washing machine let alone the matching dryer. By the way this color is called “Black Stainless” and is gorgeous – but a bit hard to take good photos of.

So the amazing things about my new Samsung Washer and Dryer from hhgregg:

  • Load Size
    OMG I can get twice as much laundry into the new Samsung 5 cubit foot activewash High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer Steam Dryer than I could in my old ones. Why is this so important? Because it makes half the amount of loads of laundry I used to do! WOOHOO! I literally can do twice the amount of laundry in the new washing machine as I could in my old one. Those new twins granddaughters of mine are amazing but boy do we have a lot more laundry in our house these days!Samsung dryer can handle big loads
  • Built-in Sink for Pre-Washing
    Do you ever need to pre-wash something? If you have a sink in your laundry room it isn’t too bad, but most of us do not have that luxury. On the Samsung washer there is a built-in sink with a Water Jet. This is too awesome. You just put what you need to soak or pre-wash in the top and hit the Water Jet button and it will fill up for you. You can then take care of those items and when done you just lift up the built-in sink and the water goes into the main washer and will drain out for you. How cool is that?Samsung activewash washing machine
  • A Light in the Dryer
    My laundry room is small and can be pretty dark, especially when you are digging in the dryer for something. I fell in love when I opened the dryer and a light came on! One of the handiest features ever on a dryer! Caitlan and even my son, T, both appreciated how cool this was as well.Samsung Dryer with a light inside!
  • Steam Dryer
    I didn’t even know I needed this, but now that I have it I wonder how I lived without it! First you can set the Anti Static option which will spray steam into the dryer in the later stage and it helps reduce static electricity on the clothes. This is perfect for things like the dog blankets and bedding since we don’t use fabric softener on those. You can also set the Steam Sanitize setting to sanitize items which can also help them be softer and remove smells. I’m thinking this would really be useful if your kids get the dreaded lice (fingers crossed that the twins never get lice). The Refresh and Wrinkle Away options also use the steam function. Not that I do a ton of ironing, but I know this will help me do even less ironing!
  • So Many Options
    I am amazed at how many features the Samsung Washer and Dryer have. It’s going to take me a year to try them all out. I keep my instruction books on top of the machines so I can reference it anytime I am trying a new type of laundry. There is also a My Cycle option on both machines where you can program the button to the settings in any combination you like. Amazing!Samsung activewash features
    Samsung Dryer Features

Impressive machines aren’t they? Plus, you all know I am a big fan of Samsung products to start with. We have home electronics, mobile devices, and now appliances that are Samsung. It is a brand I trust more and more with each purchase I make.

The hhgregg Delivery

hhgregg delivery

I have to tell you that this was the best delivery and install of any appliance or big items that I have ever had. After they had gone I actually called the delivery number to tell them what a great job the guys did even. When the big hhgregg delivery truck pulled up I was so excited! They two guys were so kind and courteous. They removed my old washer and dryer – and yes they took those away for me too. As they brought in the new washer and dryer they were so very careful. It was a tight fit getting each piece into the front door and then even tighter getting them into my small laundry room, they actually had to take down the door to the laundry room. Not one single scratch though! They hooked both pieces up and tested them out even. Really phenomenal service and I would highly recommend having hhgregg deliver and install anything you buy from them!

If you are in the market for a new washer and dryer I totally recommend shopping at hhgregg and the Samsung line. They will help you thru the process of picking out just what you need and get it delivered and set up in your home all with a smile!

For years I have hated doing laundry but now I am loving doing laundry! It’s fun to have so many options and features and the laundry in our house has never been cleaner or less piled up!

What features of the Samsung washer and dryer do you like most? Do you shop at hhgregg?