Infographic - Weekly Feature Each Saturday on Robyns.WorldYou know the old saying, when it rains it pours, well it sure has been pouring in my family lately! The latest crisis is that I have a kidney stone. Ugh! On Thursday I was feeling perfectly fine and then all of the sudden that afternoon things went downhill.

If you have never had a kidney stone (I had not) some major symptoms including urge to urinate but nothing is there, paid on your side(s), and vomitting. Luckily me had all of those. The pain on my left side is what really was troubling me the most since it was something I had never experienced before. I ended up having Hubby take me to an urgent care center when he got home from work. They did a CT scan, urinalysis, and blood work and determined it was a kidney stone. Gave me a bunch of meds and said follow up with urologist ASAP. However, that night the pain was much worse, even with taking the pain medication. So around midnight we headed to the ER. They were able to give me some more shots of pain meds and an anti-inflammatory to help me out a bit more. So now I wait. The kidney stone is on the left and is 3.8mm which they said I should be able to pass on my own. I want it out, but I am not looking forward to passing it because of the pain for that too.

As they doctor told me that the issue was a kidney stone I couldn’t help but think of this episode of Friends. Do you remember it?

So for this week’s infographic I found one from the National Kidney Foundation about, what else, kidney stones. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to medical or gross, but there are some tips about avoiding getting kidney stones that everyone should take a look at. Trust me, you do not want to get kidney stones!



Kidney Stones Infographic