Violet and Valerie having breakfast

So for those wondering where I have been the last several days, here is the explanation.

First, you all know that my amazing twin granddaughters, Violet and Valerie, were born on March 10. It is so wonderful being a grandma even though I still feel far to young to be one. At the time the twins were born (and for a bit before) my son, T, and DIL, Caitlan (she’s not legally my DIL, but I call her that anyway) have been living with us. Then T had some issues and he was no longer here. Caitlan and the twins were still with Hubby and I though. We have been helping with the twins from day one and that alone can be exhausting but we have loved having them here with us.

Welcome to the World Violet and Valerie!

Next we got some big news. T and Caitlan decided they wanted to move to California to get a fresh start. This terrified me – I don’t want my baby, T, nor Caitlan, nor my grandbabies to be so far away (I’m in Missouri for those who didn’t know). Now Hubby said, at the time, don’t worry, it will probably never happen. And then last week, all of the sudden, T and Caitlan were ready to go! ACK! Now I love T and Caitlan so very much, but their plan was a bit lacking in my book. They were going to stay with friends of T until they saved up enough money to get their own place, T was going to work with his friend doing odd jobs, and the rest was kind of up in the air. Not to mention they were driving to California in the car we bought for them, which was decent for around town but we weren’t so sure about cross country. But yes, they did make it all the way to California in the end.

violet and valerie 2 months

I really tried to talk Caitlan out of going right away. To me the idea seemed better to let T go ahead and get a job, get the money for a place of their own and get established and then Caitlan and the girls could go out and join him in a few months. They were not so keen on that idea. Then I suggested the twins stay here with Hubby and I while Caitlan and T both went out and got things arranged. That they agreed to.

So… that leads us to where I have been this past week. T and Caitlan left on Wednesday. Yes, that quickly! Hubby and I were shocked to say the least. I love that they have the spirit to just pack up and take off in one way, but in the mom way of someone with more experience in life it terrified me. I signed over the car we had just bought for Caitlan to her and got a power of attorney for the girls so we could get medical care and such for them and they Caitlan and T headed west. The twins stayed here with Grandma (yep, that’s me) and PaPaw (that’s Hubby).

grandpa twinning

This means that I am a full-time grandma now. Yikes! It is exhausting! But I still love having the twins here with me. They still eat every couple of hours and so getting full nights sleep, let alone having time to work has been a bit hard to do this past week. Hopefully, I will adjust to the schedule soon and get back to being able to work as well as take care of them while they are here with us.

2010 Nissan Altima SL

One of the biggest issues we have had so far was that my car wasn’t conducive to having infant car seats in the almost non-existent back seat. So yesterday we went and bought a different car, nothing fancy, but it will get the job done for Grandma and PaPaw to be able to go out with the girls. The new (pre-owned) car has 4 doors which is much easier and the car seats fit nicely in the back seat. Whew!

So that’s where I have been, full-time parenting of the almost 3 month old twin grandbabies!

What have you been up to?