I Am Here

Yikes! It has been over a week since I have posted anything here on the blog. I’m so sorry. I promise, I am here still. Life has just been a bit crazy though.

Everyday I say I am setting aside this amount of time to blog and then something happens and I don’t do it. Ugh. I used to be able to stay up late to work, but now, with the twins, I’m exhausted by the time they get into bed usually and so I go to bed too. Morning may be my new go to time that I have to use to get work done before the twins get up for the day. I know I have more energy then. That’s like bath time for the girls. It used to be in the evening before they went to bed, but by that time of day I have no energy left and I’ve found that a morning bath is much easier for me. The twins don’t care what time of the day it is, they love having a bath!

Hubby and I are starting to adjust more to having the twins to take care of full time lately. Just like any change it takes a bit of time. The girls are on more of a schedule now and are skipping a feeding overnight so I can get some extra continuous sleep. We are learning what things will help make life easier. The latest big game changer is the Baby Brezza bottle maker. OMG this is so cool! It’s kind of like a Keurig, but instead of making coffee or tea it makes baby bottles of formula! You have water in one reservoir and you put the powdered formula in another reservoir. Then just press the size of the bottle you want and put it under the spout and bingo, you have a bottle in less than a minute! I will be doing a full post on this amazing invention soon!

On a totally different note…

The news about parents lately has been very disturbing to me. We have had a child killed by an alligator, one trapped in a cage with a gorilla, and several other stories making major news. Now I do not have all the full details of any of these stories, nor do most of us. We only see what the media feeds us and sadly, the media often takes this type of news and sensationalized it for their own gain without regards to the families they are impacting. Then many people pass judgments on these parents based on what they see in the media – and often not even full stories but rather just small tidbits of that sensationalism. We, and that includes me, need to try to be less judgmental of others, especially regular people who didn’t sign up for any kind of shows or stardom, but instead were thrust into it by other life circumstances.

Yes, we have all seen parents or guardians who really do not provide as much supervision as they should, but I like to think of that as the exception, not the rule. Anyone who is a parent or guardian or that have been around kids at all know that while we wish they would stay by our side and be safe that is not the reality. They run off in the blink of an eye or do something we had no idea they even knew how to do and sometimes we just screw up as parents. Yes, it’s true! Parents are not perfect.

Rather than criticize these parents who have been in the news why don’t we back up and give them their space. Let’s not judge them because unless you were there you don’t know all the facts no matter how much you watch on TV, read in the papers or online, or hear on the radio. Instead let us all send love and support and positive thoughts or prayer or whatever goodness you like to call it to those families. Imagine yourself in their shoes for just a moment and then treat them the way you would want others to treat you under those circumstances.

My own personal life is kind of in disarray right now, but I hold no grudges or ill will towards anyone in my family. I want what is best for everyone. Healing, love, kindness, empathy, sympathy, support, and understanding is what I will try to offer for everyone.

So yes, I am here still. I promise to have more blog posts again. Please be patient. If you are entering the comment and win giveaway and have read this far if you comment on this post and at the end of your comment include the word “patience” I will give you a double entry!

How do you feel about these recent stories in the news? How are things going in your own family?