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O-M-G! The Baby Brezza Formula Pro is a total game changer for anyone making baby bottles! This machine measures and mixes the powdered formula and water just the right temperature into a baby bottle in whatever amount you need and it does it in about 30 seconds! It is kind of like a Keurig coffee machine, but for babies instead!

With the twins we go thru about 12-14 bottles a day! That’s a lot of bottles. Before we got the Baby Brezza Hubby was usually the one making the bottles. After dinner he would make sure they were washed and then mix up big batches of Enfamil AR powdered formula (that’s what the twins are currently using) and fill all the bottles and put them in the fridge. Then each time the twins were due to eat we had to take out a cold bottle, add water to the bottle heater, and then heat bottle #1 for 3.5 minutes, wait a couple of minutes for bottle heater to cool down, and then add more water and heat bottle #2 for 3.5 minutes. I can tell you the twins were not a fan of this process and waiting so long for a bottle when they were hungry.

Obligatory cute photo of my twin granddaughters! | Robyns.World

Now it takes only 30 seconds or so to make the bottles each! Plus a few seconds for me to add the nipple, ring, and internal stuff in the bottles. Really under 2 minutes for me to make 2 full bottles (they are eating 6 ounces at a time right now). This means the babies are much happier than having to wait as long as they did before and less crying, in stereo, for me and Hubby.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro - Labeled | Robyns.World

You add the powdered formula to the top section of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. It holds quite a bit. Make sure to stay within the minimum and maximum lines which are clearly marked. You also need to make sure all the parts are completely dry in this area so the formula doesn’t clump up. Included with the Formula Pro machine is a chart which tells you a specific dial setting to set for whatever type and brand of baby formula you are using.

On the left is the water reservoir. Fill it up and it will keep the water heated to just the right temperature at all times. Super easy to take that white top of the reservoir and top off the water any time that you need to. Obviously, we do this a lot since we are making bottles for twins.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro - Control Panel | Robyns.World

The control panel on the Baby Brezza Formula Pro is simple to read and easy to use. I appreciate this for many reasons. First, there is not much to fuss with. Simple is always better. The temperature setting is green if you are good to go, if it is not green you know to wait until it becomes green to know the water is the correct temperature. Then you have the ounce size selection, just press the button until it is the amount you want. Then a start and stop button. Second, that simplicity is really super nice in the middle of the night when you need to make a bottle. And finally, the labels and buttons and lights are large enough for grandmas and grandpas (like me and Hubby) to use too! The control panel area does tend to collect powder residue, but I will get a new soft toothbrush to keep that cleaned up more.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro - Bottle Holder | Robyns.World

When you want to make a bottle you just set the empty bottle on the base and hit start. The base is adjustable as well if you are using smaller bottles. We were using the smaller 4 ounce bottles and still have a few, but mostly we use the larger 8 ounce capacity bottles now. Once the machine stops you just take the bottle out and add your nipple, ring, etc. We use Dr. Brown’s baby bottles so we have the nipple, ring, the little diverter insert and that long blue thing – okay I don’t know the proper names for those bottle parts but I know that they work for my twins. Once you get the top on just give it a quick shake or two to make sure it’s all mixed and then start feeding baby (or babies in my case)!

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro retails for $180, ours was purchased at Target for $160. That is not cheap, but I am telling you it is so worth every penny! It saves us so much time because we don’t have to make the bottles in advance nor spend time heating the refrigerated pre-made bottles when it is time to eat. If you need to buy a shower gift for someone and you know that they will be using formula or supplementing even with formula then this is the gift to get them. Go in with a few other people even if you need to so the price is lower for each.

The biggest caution is that you need to really follow the instructions to the letter for setting up the Baby Brezza Formula Pro and for cleaning it daily and monthly. This is to keep the machine working properly and to ensure that your baby is safe and not getting anything icky in their bottles. It really is not hard – the included instructions where very easy to follow and they also have videos on the website.

This is honestly my favorite baby item out of everything we have received since the twins were born. I am totally in love with it. We have been using it for just under a week now, but I can’t imagine having any major issues with it.

Have you ever used the Baby Brezza Formula Pro and if so what are your thoughts? Do you know an expectant or new parent/guardian (yep – I’m that “guardian” right now) that could use the Baby Brezza Formula Pro?



P.S. Small side note that this is NOT something that was given to me by a brand. My mom actually purchased this for Hubby and I and I’m just writing about it because I think it truly is amazing!