Graco Baby Warning

A quick cautionary tale if you are planning on buying a Graco stroller and car seats for yourself or as a gift for someone.

Graco has one collection of seats and strollers called “Classic Connect” and another called “Click Connect”. These are not interchangeable. I’m not sure why they would name the lines so similar though. Unless you are really familiar with the Graco products you probably would just remember “connect” and think they all go together.

The twins mom had registered for several items, including Graco car seats and a double stroller. We both looked online at different ones and had them on her registry at regular stores and online only stores. We didn’t realize then even about the “Classic Connect” and “Click Connect”. I’m sure we probably saw the terms as we were looking, but it didn’t click (pun intended) with us that they didn’t all work together. One person gifted the 2 Graco car seats and another person gifted the stroller.

We use the car seats all the time obviously but the stroller we have not used as much. Yesterday it wasn’t too hot so I thought I would take the twins for a walk around the block. Once again I tried getting the Graco car seats into the Graco stroller and they just didn’t seem to fit right. Later I scoured the Graco website and YouTube for videos on how to get both the car seats into this stroller. Nothing. I kept searching and searching and then I finally noticed that “Classic Connect” and “Click Connect” were different terms and with a little more research I finally found out that those two systems do not work together. Grrrr.

I did call Graco and ask if there was some sort of adapter or something to make them all work together but they said no, sorry. Very frustrating. The reason we selected the Graco brand was so that we could easily take the car seats out of the car base and click them right into the stroller too. Obviously, that is not happening now with these items. I can still use the car seats and I can still use the stroller, I just can’t do the EASY PART that I thought I would be able to.

Again, I think this is very poor marketing on Graco’s part of naming those two systems so similar. It will make me think twice before I buy other Graco items for the twins as they grow. The car seats and double strollers are not inexpensive items and so to not be able to use them in the way you thought is very frustrating.

Here are pictures of the two different logos they use for the systems. Please beware if you are purchasing Graco items that those logos MATCH so that everything will work together for you.
Graco_Classic Connect

graco click connect

I hope this helps a few people at least before they buy and get stuck with items that do not work together from Graco!