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During the summer months it seems many of lose things more often than the rest of the year. Searching through the lost and found usually doesn’t help either since the “good stuff” doesn’t often get turned in. There are things you can do to help find your smartphones, find your tablets, find your keys, find your family, find your pets, and so much more. The most important step in all of these though is preparing ahead of time, before you lose an item, so that you can easily find it.

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador and talk about some Verizon products in this post. Opinions are entirely my own. 

Find Your Android Device

The easiest way is to use Google’s Android Device Manager. Be sure to turn Android Device Manager ON, make sure location access is ON, and check to make sure it can locate your device. Do this all before you lose your device though. Then, if you do misplace your device you can use the Android Device Manager on another device – you will need to login to your Google account on the other device – and it will show you the approximate location on a map when it was last used.

The Android Device Manager can also let you ring, lock, or erase a lost device. One extra cool feature is that you can set an alternative phone number on your lock screen on your device so that if someone finds it, even if you have locked it remotely, they can call the phone number where you can be reached. If you do set this, you have to go into your device’s general security and lock screen area, enter the current password, and reset lock screen to get rid of it.

android lock call alt number | Robyns.World

Find Your Apple Device

If you have an iPhone, iPad, etc. then you can use the Apple iCloud to find your iPhone, find your iPad, find your iPod, and even find your Mac. You can also do an activation lock if needed. Again, be sure to do this before you can’t find your device. (photo source: apple.com)

apple find my device

Find Your Windows Device

You all know what a big fan of Windows devices I am and yes, you can find them as well. The Microsoft Find My Phone service makes it easy, but again you want to make sure you have your devices registered and the services turned on before you can’t find your device. You can view last known location, ring your device and lock your device with this service as well.

find windows device

Find Anything You Tag with a Tile

Now, for all those other things in your life like keys, pets, luggage, bags, and just about anything, you can use products like the Tile to tag those items and easily find their last location. Tile has the largest online lost and found community out of all the tagging devices which means you are much more likely to find what you are missing. Verizon has a special 4-pack offer on Tile which is a great deal at $69.99. Trust me, you are going to want multiples of this great little helper. These little tags easily attach to so many things and let you see their last location. A bonus is that Tile works in reverse and you can find your smartphone as well if you have a Tile tagged item. The battery in each Tile is guaranteed to last for a year, then you replace the unit. You don’t replace the battery because of the way they are sealed which makes them extremely durable!

Tile on Keys

Find Your Car

Now you would think that folks cannot misplace an entire car, but we all know it is possible, whether you do it yourself or someone you love does it. It used to be that I would say Hubby was the one that lost his car, however with my newer car, a silver Nissan Altima, there are tons of cars that look like mine and I have struggled to find my car a couple of times.

There are a few ways you can find your way. One, I already mentioned, use a tag device like Tile to easily find your car. There are also plenty of car parking apps you can use such as Find My Car: Parking Reminder.

You can also utilize your smartphones camera to help you find your parked car. Take a photo of the parking lot level/area or if you are parked on the street take a photo of street signs and nearby businesses.

cars parked on street

Find Your Family

There are so many ways to use your mobile device to find your family and I’m only going to mention a few. Whatever works for you and your family though is what is right for you.

  • Take a Photo
    If you are on vacation, especially at an amusement park, take an individual photo of each person every morning in the clothes they will be wearing that day. This is especially helpful if kids get lost so you can show park officials and they can help find them.
  • Glympse via Verizon Messages
    I love that Verizon Messages has Glympse built into it. Recently my DIL drove alone from California back to St. Louis and I was able to track her completely along the way. Luckily, she had no problems, but if she had I would have known where she was and could get help to her.
  • Texting
    Yes, regular old texting works great for finding each other. Make sure everyone in your group has everyone else in their contact list so they can easily reach them if need be via text message or phone, etc.
  • Life 360
    I was an ambassador for Life 360 for quite some time and used their service personally. It is awesome for keeping track of your family, sending location updates, private messages, and even notifying someone when you need help.
  • Verizon Family Safeguards and Controls
    If you are a Verizon customer, they offer several different options to help find, guard, and protect all of your family members. The Family Locator is a great idea for keeping track of where everyone is.

Find Your Family

How do you find lost things or people? Please share your tips and ideas! Did you get any ideas from this post?



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