Tips to Organize Your Smartphone and Tablet | Robyns.World Is your smartphone or tablet feeling a little messy with all the apps you are using? It happens to many of us. Here are some tips on how to get those apps under control and make the use of your device faster since you will know where things are. Remember that there are many different operating systems and devices and so yours may not work exactly what I am showing you. I’m using my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone from Verizon (disclosure: I am an influencer for Verizon’s #VZWBuzz team and have received this device for free, opinions are my own) which runs on the Android operating system.

  • Create and Use Multiple Pages
    Most devices allow users to have multiple pages, or screens, these days. You just swipe left and right to access them. These are my pages from my own Galaxy S7 Edge. My home page is actually the center screen, this is what my phone opens up to, one the left side I have 2 widget pages and to the right are more pages with folders and apps.Using multiple pages, or screens, on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device  |  Robyns.World
    You can create just pages of apps as well instead of folders if you like. I have my photo apps just on a page of their own instead of in a folder. That’s what works for me. group similar apps on same page |  Robyns.World
  • Create and Use Folders for Apps
    Many devices you can now just drag one app icon on top of another that you want in the same folder and it will create the folder for you. Grouping your apps together in folders makes it easier to find them, just like you would put papers and documents on a desk into a folder to help keep them organized and easy to find. The image below shows that I have put my apps for social networks into one folder – this is what it looks like when I tap on that folder from the main screen. The folder pops open to show me all the apps that belong there.

    • Use Folder Names that Make Sense
      Think about what you call the types of apps you put together. Ideas of folder names might include: games, social, photo editing, work, smart home, health, shopping, travel, food, kids apps, etc. If you have a large number of apps in the same general area, say photos/editing, then you can put them on one page but still create folders on that page for the different types of photo/editing apps you maybe have. One folder might be for collage apps, one for animated gifs, one of apps that have amazing filters, etc. Create folders of apps in the same category  |  Robyns.World
  • Use Widgets, but Sparingly
    Widgets can be useful and fun, but don’t get carried away with them. Having many widgets will use your system resources and suck down your battery faster also. I only use 3 widgets on my smartphone, the clock/weather on the main screen, a photo album widget to show of my twin granddaughters and the HootSuite widget to keep up on things at a glace on social media.widgets on devices  |  Robyns.World
  • You Can Still Find All Apps
    You may have some apps that you rarely use, but that you do not want to uninstall. You do not have to put these icons on any of your pages but yet you can still easily access them from the all apps shortcut. The local Motor Vehicle Bureaus around here use an app to get in line and notify you of your turn, great app, but I only use once or twice a year at most. I just leave that off the main pages and folders since I don’t need it all the time.
    Finding all of your apps  |  Robyns.World
  • Utilize Customizing Pages, Themes, Grid Size, and Widgets
    For most Android devices, just hold down on empty part of any page and the following screen will pop up and allow you to change all these fun things. Taking the time to learn how to customize your phone not only makes it easier to use and more productive, but it also allows you to express yourself in design and style.
    Customizing your smartphone and tablets  |  Robyns.World

Using these basic tips you will find your phones and tablets more useful. Plus, as you learn how to do these tips you are also learning more about how your device works as a whole and you can progress to more customization and utilization.

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Do you have another way your organize apps on your devices? Did you learn a new tip today that you plan on using?



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