Infographic - Weekly Feature Each Saturday on Robyns.WorldThe new school year starts at very different times around the country, here in the St. Louis area it seems to start sooner than many places. I’m in a suburb of St. Louis, St. Charles, and the kids head back to school this week – August 11! Wowsa! Growing up we generally started the last Monday in August in my district (not where I live now). It was always the day after the Anheuser-Busch family picnic which was one of the most fun things about summer for me. My dad, and many other family members, all worked at AB and it was just so much awesome fun for us kids and all the adults.

This weekend is the “tax-free” weekend in Missouri where the state tax and many local taxes are waived for back to school shopping. You do have to watch though because not all local cities participate even if the state does. That means you can shop in one city and still have to pay their tax, but if you go just a few miles more to another city you don’t pay any tax on back-to-school items.

So, for this week’s infographic I found an interesting one about back-to-school and thought you all would find it equally as interesting.

What fact did you find most interesting in this week’s infographic? When does the school near you start back for the new year?



Back-to-School Facts Infographic | Robyns.World