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Blogging can be a hobby or a business or something in between. I have made it my full-time business and know many others that have as well. However, I know plenty of people who are somewhere in the middle and also plenty who just do it for fun. Regardless of why you are blogging and engaging in social media, we all can use technology tips to make our work easier. I’ve been working with @domainME for quite some time now  (disclosure: this post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own) and they asked me to share some tips about technology and the #BizofBlogging.

  • Get a Smartphone

    In the world of blogging and social media we all know it is a 24/7 type of business. Unless you never leave your home you will need a good smartphone to keep you in touch with all of your social media accounts, emails for work, apps to help you with your business, and yes, even the telephone function. By “a good smartphone” I really mean a flagship smartphone – those kind that everyone drools over. It is worth the money to upgrade at least every 2 years.

  • Your Most Important Tech Device Should Be the Best You Can Afford

    Everyone uses a variety of technology for blogging. Along with that good smartphone you might also have a laptop, tablet, headphones, microphones, DSLR camera, and many other things. If you are like me you also can go a little crazy with new tech toys. Before you buy more items, make sure that the tech you use is the best you can afford. If you edit a ton of photos and videos you will need a good computer with enough processing power to handle, spend more money on that and maybe less on a microphone.

  • Update Your Blog and Backup Often

    Make sure you maintain your blog by getting the updates of the format you use (WordPress, Blogger, etc) as well as updates for the plugins that you use. Many times there are critical updates that provide important security repairs. Along with keeping things up to date be sure to do regular backups of your blog just in case something happens to your server. Before any major updates do a backup as well in case something goes wrong.

  • Don’t Overuse Plugins

    While there are some amazing plugins available, especially for WordPress, don’t go overboard with them. When you have a lot of them it can slow down your site and there also may be issues of incompatibility when used alongside others. Definitely no more than 20 plugins – that still is quite a bit, but I know of some who have had over 100 and had so many problems.

  • Have an Online Home Base Domain

    Many people have multiple blogs of their own, several others they are regular contributors too, and many social media accounts. Be sure to have a “home base” domain that everything leads to. A .ME top level domain is a great way to do this. On all of your profiles online, point back to your singular .ME domain name and there share all the places you can be found, from blogs and any social media networks. This allows people to see not only the connections based on what they clicked on, but also all the other cool stuff that you do. This also is going to be content that you own. When you post say on Facebook, they could close up or decide to cancel your account and any content you had there will be gone. When you have your original content on your own domain you are in control of it always.

  • Be Willing to Spend Money to Make Money

    Many of us are used to learning and doing things online ourselves, but as the internet has grown things have changed quite a bit and it is more complex than it was years ago. Be willing to put money into your business to pay for technical expertise when you need it. This also goes for paying subscription fees for professional services. If you can save time and hassle you end up being able to do more with your work hours and therefore make more money.

  • The Latest Apps

    Sadly, I see so many other bloggers using outdated apps on their smartphones and tablets. Along with updating your devices you need to also keep an eye on the latest updates for business/blogging/social media apps that you use and for new apps that become available.

  • Consistent Branding Is Crucial

    Pick a name, use it in its pure form as much as possible, and keep the image/icon the same across the board. This may seem a bit boring, but when building yourself as a brand it is crucial to be consistent. Since 2008, when I started this blog, I have had only three different icons/pictures that I have used. I am due for a new one, but it is critical that I make sure to update that image on all of my blogs and social media accounts. Having an image that people can recognize across multiple platforms can really increase your expertise in your area. Not only among other bloggers but also for brands and PR consultants.

I hope whether you are new to blogging or a veteran blogger that you will find these tips helpful in your business. There are a wide range of different answers for technology and the business of blogging since we all are unique in what and how we work.

Do you have any questions about technology and the business of blogging that I can help answer?