Growing up my dad collected coins, nothing super expensive, but I was always fascinated when he got out his coin collecting books. At some point I got my own coin books and started collecting my own. It was like a treasure hunt for me all the time looking at coins to find the ones I still needed for my collection or ones for my dad’s. Then many years later my own son collected coins for a while as well, mostly the state quarters and he had a puzzle map for those. It really just is a fun way to spend some non-screen time with your family.

3D Coin Art - United States Flag

Enter 3D Coin Art!

(Disclosure: I received this unit to review and am being compensated. These are my honest opinions on the product.)
A new way to collect some coins and use up that spare change. I have the United States Flag 3D Coin Art and it really is cool I think. The kit comes with the flag mold, a stand, coin counter/collector and full instructions. This is a great project for an adult and a child to work on together. I say this because collecting the coins is fairly easy, but opening the case when you are ready to complete the flag is a bit tough. As you collect you can clean the coins and shine them up plus check out the years and different styles and learn about coins. The kids just need some adult help but the reason it is a snug fit is so that it stays together of course when completed.

Along with being a great gift on its own for someone, I also think this would be a fun way to give a money gift to someone if you filled it up. It takes a total of $25 in dimes, nickles, and pennies to complete the flag. They do have two other versions, the Empire State Building, and George Washington.
Easily lay in the coins into the 3D Flag Art

3D Coin Art Giveaway

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What do you think of the 3D Coin Art? Would you buy this as a gift for someone you know or maybe even yourself?


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