Infographic - Weekly Feature Each Saturday on Robyns.WorldDid you know that October is National Cookie Month? How great is that, an entire month to celebrate cookies of all kinds! This is actually a great time to gather recipes and maybe practice the cookies you will make for the holiday season coming up. I do actually love cookies even tho I do not eat many of them.

When I was a little girl I remember that my mom would make chocolate chip cookies with me and my brother occasionally. The fun part for us, other than the cookies, is that she set out all of the ingredients on the kitchen floor (freshly mopped) and that is where we would sit and mix everything together.

Our neighbor, Shirley, when I was growing up was also an amazing baker and made so many different cookies during the holiday season. She actually had the best chocolate chip cookies ever and that’s what she gave to my parents each year for a Christmas gift and they (along with me and my brother) were ecstatic about this gift. She also made some amazing coconut cookies which I totally loved!

In honor of National Cookie Month I found this fun infographic that gives you over 300 different cookie variations from one simple recipe. How awesome is that? There is nothing overly complicated about this recipe either – just let your imagination run wild!

What are your favorite kind of homemade cookies?



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National Cookie Month