Have you all seen the laser lights on TV commercials? They look awesome, but do they really perform as well in person? The answer is YES! I recently received the StarNight Laser (disclosure: I received this for free but the opinions here are my own) and my family and I love it! The StarNight Laser lets you select between red, green, red and green mixed, or red and green alternating which of course makes it a great idea for the Christmas season. You can really use it anytime of the year though.

When I first tried it I actually had it inside – the twins were amazed with all the lights on the ceiling! Actually, all of the adults in the family thought it was pretty cool too!


Then we took the StarNight Laser outside to try it out. I love how many lights it can spread over such a wide area. The further you place the light away from the place you want the lights to shine, the more lights there are, although they are smaller but it still really has an impact. We plan on buying a couple of more StarNight Laser Lights before the holidays this year to light up our entire home and yard. Hubby is thrilled with this because it means no ladders, no hours decorating the house, etc. Just plug in a couple of the StarNight Laser Lights and aim them and he is done – he is thinking it will take him all of 15 minutes, at most, to decorate the outside of our home for the holidays this year.


We sit outside on the patio almost all year around when weather permits. This is the StarNight Laser in red only shining up into our patio umbrella!


Here is the StarNight Laser in red and green shining up under our patio light. Don’t worry, the lights aren’t fuzzy, it is just my picture taking!


Can you believe how sparkly the StarNight Laser is? This is the combo of red and green along one of the sides of our house by all of Hubby’s grills and such. It really is pretty amazing how many lights show up and how festive it is!


Here is another look at the red and green combined on our side door. This really is going to be perfect for the holiday season!

Thanks to our sponsor who is also providing a StarNight Laser Light for one lucky reader too! Just follow the entry instructions below – good luck!

What do you think of the StarNight Laser? Have you tried it yourself? Don’t you think this would be much easier than traditional holiday lights this Christmas season?



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