As I mentioned the other day, November is Prematurity Awareness Month so this week’s infographic (source: March of Dimes) talks about this serious issue.

My own son was premature at 34 weeks. The day he was born he had to be transported by ambulance from my hospital to Cardinal Glennon to their NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit). This was one of the best days – son being born – and one of the worst days – son not healthy. That many mixed emotions in one day is tough!

First Family Pic

Twenty-one years later my twin granddaughters were born prematurely at 32 weeks back in March and that same wave of emotions were back. The girls spent a couple of weeks in the NICU as well.

Welcome to the World Violet and Valerie!

My family has been very lucky that none of the kids have had any long lasting complications from being premature. This is not always the case though, there are some very serious complications that can happen when babies are born to soon. While medicine has greatly improved a preemie’s chance of survival we still need to keep them in the womb as long as possible.

Has anyone in your family or friends had to deal with the issues of a premature baby?



39 Weeks is Best - Prematurity in Babies Infographic - Prematurity Awareness Month