You may remember that not too long ago we started the twins in daycare. I had no idea how many germs and cooties and coughs came along with that change! When my son was young I never used a daycare, I was always a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) and he never had very many colds, coughs, viral infections, etc. Now I know why!

I do have to say though that I do not blame the daycare. We opted for Kindercare for the twins to start daycare. Yes, it is more expensive than other daycare centers but after checking the state licensing and problems with the daycares around here we were shocked at how many problems most of them had. Kindercare was by far the clear winner. I went to inspect it first and was very impressed with the setup. For the infant rooms, where my granddaughters are, they even require everyone to put on little booties over their shoes before you go in. They are really big on cleaning the toys, equipment, cribs, etc. every day and keeping the germs down to a minimum. However, there is still going to be issues as we are finding out.

Not only have the girls caught a couple of bugs, but then they bring those cooties home and the rest of the family has gotten sick too, especially me. I think a lot of this is due to the fact that I work from home as well and I really am just not exposed to as many germs as many others are on a daily basis. Hopefully we are over the initial period now of lots of things at once and it will calm down. I’ve boosted up my vitamins and such too to help my immune system. At home we have also amped up sterilizing things more, washing hands more, etc. to help keep the spread of the germs down more.

Again, I have no qualms with Kindercare in regards to the cooties. We actually have been very happy with them so far. They send home great little notes each day with a record of their eating, sleeping, and potty events as well as, our favorite part, the activities they did that day. While the girls are only (almost) 9 months old, they still have crafts, exploration, and activities and the staff lets us know how they react to them and anything else special for that day.

So if you have been wondering where I have been lately, most of the time it has been in bed – ack! Last Friday my doctor started me on some antibiotics as well to help me get rid of some of these cooties and help give me a chance to get back to my normal self. It does seem to be working (knock on wood). Hopefully I will be able to get back to my regular schedule of posting daily now and get back to normal.

I would love any hints and tips any of you have for keeping our family healthy with the start of daycare and to keep from passing things back and forth at home. The girls, Violet and Valerie, share everything being twins so it is pretty impossible to keep those items divided.