Update Your Social Media Accounts

With the start of the new year, this is the perfect time to check and update all of your social media accounts. Many of us sign up for just about everything new that comes out, some are more particular. Regardless of how many social media accounts you have, it is always a good idea to log in and update them occasionally. Some of the social media accounts you should be sure to look at are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, SnapChat, and Pinterest.

What to Update on Social Media Accounts:

  • Password
    If it has been sometime since you have updated your password for any of your accounts then go ahead and update it. We all know that all sorts of sights get hacked and sometimes our own personal computers get hacked even. Now is the time to update those passwords for all of your accounts. There are a number of ways to track your passwords as well but my favorite is still using a Rolodex. Be sure to use a good password also, if you are using things like “ABC123” or “password” you are setting yourself up for a hack.
  • Photo/Avatar
    Are you still using a photo or avatar on your social media account from many years ago? It may be time to update it. I don’t update often, but every year or two, at least, update that image across all of your accounts. If you use social media for personal fun it is not as important. However, if you use social media for business, in any capacity, it is important to use the same image across all of your social media accounts for continuity and recognition.
  • Bio
    When is the last chance you actually read your own bio on your social media accounts? Some make them when they join and then forget about them and so the information may not apply any longer. Also be sure to check any links you have in your bio area and click on them to make sure they are working.
  • Permissions
    When you allow other apps and services, including games, to access your social media accounts you are giving them permission. Go into the settings of your accounts and remove or revoke permissions for anything you no longer use. This is especially true if you are using things like your Facebook account to log into other sites often, be sure to remove permissions if you no longer use the other site.
  • Privacy Settings
    While you are in the settings be sure to check your privacy options also. Facebook has been notorious for changing privacy options without telling you. Some other sites notify you with that long legal looking Terms of Service email that most of us never read. Just go into the settings and update what you want shared or not and with whom.
  • Unfollow
    Occasionally go and look to see who you are following (friends with) on your social media accounts and go ahead and remove those that no longer are active, those you just are not interested in any longer, etc.

When was the last time you updated your social media accounts?