When I was a teen I was always reading magazines and trying out new makeup and how to apply it. As I got older makeup was not a high priority for me. After my weight loss I did get back into it a bit, but still not like it was when I was younger. However, I think I can use some update tips and steps for makeup these days.

I found this week’s infographic, 9 Unbelievably Simple Steps for Perfect Makeup, and found it very easy to understand. This gets me back to the basics. Now of course I still need to find makeup tips about colors and such to keep trying new things. The biggest problem with that is often is that makeup tips are targeted towards younger women. At 46 I may think some of the new styles are cool, but they really are meant for younger ladies.

Do you wear makeup? Did you find any of the tips below particularly helpful?



Great tips for applying makeup - Infographic   |  Robyns.World