The big game day is coming, Super Bowl LI (the 51st event) on February 5, 2017. If you are hosting or attending a party below are some fun football shaped foods that you can make for the football game. Some of the ideas are even things you don’t have to cook! I’ve also included a download of some free Super Bowl Bingo cards for you. These are just a fun little thing to play along during the event.


Fun Football Shaped Food Recipes and Ideas for the Big Game  |  Robyns.World  |  Super Bowl

Cheesy Football

Who doesn’t love a cheese ball? Make your own at home easily with the Cheesy Football recipe from Kraft. You can use the recipe as a base and change things up as you like as well. The biggest part is just shaping it like a football. Photo Source: Kraft Foods

Cheesy Football - Make a cheese ball shaped like a football for the game

Football Shaped Bread Bowl

Such a fun and relatively easy way to serve any of your favorite dips. You can bake the dip as you bake the football bread bowl or you could bake football bread on its own and then add a cold dip if you like as well. You could also add chili or other hearty soups and stews. It may look hard, but I promise you this football shaped bread bowl is easy to make. If you are a little more advanced in the kitchen think about make smaller versions of this for individual servings – wouldn’t a French onion soup be great in this? Photo Source: Delish

Football Bread Bowl Recipe

Spicy Football Deviled Eggs

Make sure you let folks know these are deviled eggs and not anything chocolate. I say that because when I first game across the Spicy Football Deviled Eggs recipe from General Mills I was confused by the picture and the title together. The trick to this recipe is to add food coloring to the water when you hard boil the eggs to make them brown. You then mix up the yolks with yumminess like Buffalo sauce, chicken, blue cheese and more and fill half the eggs and replace with the other half of the hard-boiled egg on top. Use sour cream or Greek yogurt to pipe the laces on the football eggs. Photo Source: General Mills

Spicy Football Deviled Eggs Recipe

Kickoff Pizza

This one is super simple to make. Just add your pepperoni overlapping in the shape of a football and then cut some pieces of cheese slices to make the laces on the football. The original Kickoff Pizza recipe from Kraft calls for American cheese singles for the lacing, but they have a lot of other varieties of cheese that you could use for this as well. Photo Source: Kraft Foods

Football Pizza from Kraft Foods

Football Bites

I love these football bites from Gimme Some Oven! No cooking required either. Just use your favorite oval shaped cracker and then cut out some summer sausage and cheese pieces in a football shape. She uses ranch dressing for the laces. Photo Source: Gimme Some Oven

Football Bites

Football Chili Dogs

This simple twist makes regular chili dogs into football chili dogs thanks to Jeanne Benedict’s recipe. Just adding a little bit of cheese for the laces makes them game day perfect. Be sure to check out her award winning chili recipe while your on her blog. Photo Source:

Football Chili Dogs from Jeanne Benedict

Frosted Peanut Butter Cookie Footballs

We all need a little something sweet now and then. Use a prepackaged mix for peanut butter cookies or your own favorite recipes. Shape the dough into football shapes and then add chocolate frosting to the top and make the laces with white icing to make these frosted peanut butter cookie footballs. Photo Source: Betty Crocker

Frosted Peanut Butter Cookie Football Recipe

Free Printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards

I made up some free printable bingo cards for the big game for you all too. You can print them out easily and I set it up to use ink saving options as well. The file is in my public OneDrive folder for you to download easily. There are lots of random cards available to print out plus a master caller’s card.

Download Free Printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards | Robyns.World

Are you planning on attending, hosting, or watching the game this Sunday? What kinds of food are you looking forward to? And, what team are you rooting for?