February 18 is National Drink Wine Day – Cheers! I wanted to share this day and the infographic for those of you especially who feel intimidated at times by the wine connoisseurs. You do not need to feel that way at all. Yes, there are really expensive wines out there, but there are also lots of great low cost wines available. While there are guides to pairing wins, what really matters in the end is that you ENJOY the taste of the wine as you drink it – regardless of what it is or is not paired with.

Many of the recipes I share here on Robyn’s World have wine in them but honestly I buy the cheaper wine for these meals. I’m not anti-more expensive wine, but I know what my budget is and try to stick with it. Many folks like to cook with wine, but it doesn’t mean they want to drink wine with dinner. My big problem solver for those like you is to look at the small 4-packs of small wine bottles to keep on hand. Usually these smaller bottles will be enough for what you need in a recipe without wasting the rest of the bottle if you won’t be drinking it.

The infographic I found for National Drink Wine Day to share with you is about how long wine will last, even after opened. I hope you find this helpful for not just cooking, but also for drinking. Just like in my recipes though, there are no wine police who will come to get you if you follow your own rules on wine. Just be open to trying new things!

Do you have a favorite type of wine? What is it?  FYI I love to sip on Moscato wines personally.



how long wine lasts infographic