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Want a new way to stream audio on the speakers you already own? The new Google Chromecast Audio, available at Best Buy, uses WiFi instead of Bluetooth which lets you easily plug in to the auxiliary port (aux/line input, RCA or optical input) on your current speakers and devices. The sound quality will be even better with the Google Chromecast Audio than with Bluetooth streaming.

In my home we have a lot of different speakers and audio equipment, especially in the man cave, because Hubby is a musician. These speakers and such are really great quality, but most do not have a way to stream music to them. Now with the Google Chromecast Audio I can just plug the device and stream music from my phone or tablet via WiFi.

Google Chromecast Audio is simple to use, but the initial setup might be a tiny bit challenging for the super non-techy. There are great online tutorials to help you or ask a friend or family member to help with the initial setup.

Easily plug Google Chromecast Audio into your aux in port

Once you have the initial setup completed you just open the app you want to stream from, like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, Slacker, etc. There are tons of apps that are compatible. When you open your app you simply want to CAST your music.

Simply tap the CAST symbol from within your favorite music app to send the music to your speakers via WiFi with Google Chromecast Audio

One of my favorite features is that Google Chromecast Audio is “stackable”, meaning you can use multiples of them connected to different speakers in your home and when you cast your music it can go to all of them throughout your home or office.

Best of all, the Google Chromecast Audio is inexpensive! Retail is $35 which is far less expensive than buying a new high quality Bluetooth speaker. Being able to use speakers you already own helps you be more green even!

Google Chromecast Audio Giveaway

That’s right, one of my lucky readers will win their own Google Chromecast Audio.

Google Chromecast Audio Giveaway